ETHC 280 Quiz Free Enterprise

ETHC 280 Quiz: Free Enterprise and Human Value

  1. Von Mises associates the passions of envy and greed with the rise of socialism.
  2. According to Von Mises the philosophy of the Enlightenment paved the way for the realization of economic freedom, consummated in the market economy (capitalism), and representative government.
  3. According to Von Mises, some of the outstanding leaders of 20th century protestantism openly condemn the free enterprise systems.
  4. According to Von Mises, in the modern era governments, political parties, teachers, writers, militant anti theists, and Christian theologians are almost unanimous in passionately rejecting the free market economy, and praising the alleged benefits of state omnipotence.
  5. According to Von Mises, economic theory clearly shows greater widespread ( bottom to top) prosperity in capitalist societies.
  6. According to Von Mises, anti-liberalism got hold of people’s minds camouflaged as super-liberalism, as the fullfillment and consummation of the very ideas of freedom and liberty. It came disguised as socialism, communism, planning.
  7. According to Shapiro, reason is never insulting and is in vogue in our present day social context.
  8. According to Shapiro, both the ancient Greek and Judeo -Christian cultures insisted on purpose in the universe. However the post WWII west traded objective moral standards for subjectivism and chaos.
  9. According to Shapiro, American individualism rests on Judeo-Christian values, and Greek materialism
  10. According to Shapiro, French philosopher Hebert Marcuse argues for “repressive tolerance” which would be used to ban certain forms of speech so as to help the fight against Western values (Greek reason- Judeo-Christian values-natural law-human rights)
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