ETHC 280 Quiz Morality, Money

ETHC 280 Quiz: Morality, Money, and Freedom

  1. According to Nash, economic freedom has serious consequences for political freedom.
  2. According to Nash, it is immoral that workers have a much smaller portion of the profits than the entrepreneur.
  3. According to Nash, both capitalist and socialist nations have exploited weaker nations. He rejects the idea that exploitation is some how more natural to capitalism than it is to socialism.
  4. Nash accepts the viewpoint that capitalism panders to greed, and thinks greed is a good thing.
  5. According to Nash, the pursuit of prot must be rooted in selfishness.
  6. According to Nash, the free market can be used by both moral and immoral people
  7. According to Hayek, in a country where the sole employer is the State, opposition mean debate
  8. According to Hayek, offering the security of income in one section of a society increases the insecurity of the rest.
  9. According to Hayek, policies which hand out security, to one group, and then another, create conditions in which a striving for security begin to outweigh a love of freedom.
  10. According to Hayek, an increase in public or government employment as a proportion of the total economy leads to the inevitable lose of freedom.
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