GLST 220 Quiz 6

GLST 220 Quiz 6 Liberty University

  1. True/False: Developing a high CQ helps us to be respected leaders, successful business people, caring professionals, and engaging teachers
  2. Mark begins by quoting which prophet(s)?
  3. The prophets foretold that a herald would appear in advance of God’s king, to announce his imminent arrival and to urge people to get ready for him. Mark identifies _______ as that herald.
  4. What does the creation story teach us about work?
  5. True/False: The coming of Christ transforms all the kingdom terms of the Old Testament into gospel reality.
  6. True/False: We are encouraged in the New Testament to look for the fulfillment of Old Testament promises in the State of Israel and to expect a new temple to be built there.
  7. True/False: Jesus came to abolish the law.
  8. True/False: “The Kingdom of God” is an expression that is used throughout the Old Testament.
  9. What is the kingdom?
  10. True/False: All the promises of the kingdom of God are fulfilled in Christ.
  11. Match each of the four gospels with its theme:
  12. Emphasis on the future circumstances and rewards
  13. Emphasis on explicit communication
  14. Emphasis on being busy and meeting goals
  15. Emphasis on indirect communication
  16. Emphasis on expressive communication; sharing feelings openly
  17. True/False: CQ Strategy is the key link between our cultural understanding and behaving in ways that result in effective leadership.
  18. Emphasis on a linear approach to time; work and personal lives kept separate
  19. Emphasis on assertiveness and achievement to get results
  20. Emphasis on the present circumstances and rewards
  21. Establish the relationship before completing the task.
  22. Emphasis on multitasking; can combine work and personal lives
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