GLST 220 Quiz 3

GLST 220 Quiz 3 Liberty University Answers

1. According to David Livermore, ______________ is the coping mechanism most often used in the first several weeks in a new place.
2. According to Melody Harper, only those headed into professional, cross‐cultural ministry need to develop their cultural competence.
3. The ways a culture explains the supernatural and what otherwise seems inexplicable.
4. Livermore contends that we don’t really need to worry about our own cultural biases since God’s Word is transcultural.
5. Individuals with high ________ have a rich, well‐organized understanding of culture and how it affects the way people think and behave.
6. Which of these is not one of the three analogies or models discussed for understanding culture?
7. Individuals with high ________ are motivated to learn and adapt to new and diverse cultural settings.
8. Your level of understanding about how cultures are similar and different.
9. Livermore makes the case that looking for common ground is not a bad thing as long as it’s balanced with the wisdom to discover and embrace differences as well.
10. The basic ways a society organizes itself to meet its members universal needs of food, water, clothing and housing.
11. According to the readings and presentations, it is possible and quite common for individuals within a culture to have different cultural values than their home culture?
12. The system a society develops for who can marry whom and the arrangement for how children and senior members are cared for.
13. Individuals with high ________ can draw upon the other three capabilities of CQ to translate their enhanced motivation, understanding and planning into action.
14. Your level of adaptability when relating and working interculturally.
15. The systems developed by a society to protect citizen’s rights.
16. Individuals with high ________ develop ways to use cultural understanding to develop plans for new intercultural situations.
17. Cultural Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence is essentially the same thing.
18. For the gospel to truly transform a culture it must take hold at the core values of a culture.
19. Although Scripture is objectively true, we lack the ability to approach Scripture totally objectively due to our own culture lenses and biases.
20. Your level of awareness and ability to plan for multicultural interactions.
21. Your level of interest, motivation and confidence to adapt to multicultural situations.
22. Good leadership is universal. If an individual is a good leader in their home culture then they will likely be a good leader in their host culture.
23. The primary ways that CQ differs from other intercultural approaches includes all of the following except:
24. A society’s approach to aesthetics in everything from decorative art, music and architecture to city planning.
25. The patterns for how the senior members of a culture transmit their values, beliefs and behaviors to their offspring.

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