EDUC 703 Quiz Native Americans

EDUC 703 Quiz Native Americans & Progressivism

  1. Which person was not known as being active in the education of Native Americans?
  2. Match the individual with the relevant school. Richard Pratt Jonathan Edwards Samuel Armstrong
  3. What stance did Bartolomé de Las Casas and Michel de Montaigne convey to Europeans regarding Native Americans?
  4. Benjamin Franklin documented an acceptance speech from the Iroquois Confederacy who were glad to send their young men on scholarships to the College of William and Mary.
  5. What is credited as signicantly increasing literacy rates among the Cherokee?
  6. What were the ndings of the 1928 Meriam Report?
  7. What factor(s) inuenced more cultural sensitivity in government schools for Native Americans? Choose all that apply.
  8. Who was not part of the progressive education movement and was critical of it?
  9. From what philosophy did the progressive education movement derive its core principles?
  10. By what date did all states in the U.S. have compulsory education laws for 1st through 6th grades?
  11. SHORT ESSAY: Choose one of the options below. Respond in a brief essay of one or two paragraphs (8 points).

OPTION 1: What was the main point in the speech by the Iroquois regarding the offer of scholarships to the College of William and Mary?

OPTION 2: Describe the impact of the 1928 Meriam Report.
OPTION 3: Describe general trends of progressive education and what

factors led to the progressive model in American schools.

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