EDUC 703 Quiz Common Schools

EDUC 703 Quiz Common Schools & Civil War

  1. Which movement was not a precursor to the common school movement led by Horace Mann?
  2. Which was not a provision of the Northwest Ordinances?
  3. Which is not an outcome of common schools that Horace Mann expected?
  4. The feminization of education is credited primarily to which educator?
  5. What was controversial about Horace Bushnell’s notion of Christian nurture?
  6. Match the individual with the related educational institution.
  7. Who was the only individual ever found guilty and sentenced for violating the 1849 Virginia anti-literacy law?
  8. What did the Freedmen’s Bureau provide to formerly enslaved people? Choose all that apply.
  9. To the dismay of W. E. B. Du Bois, curriculum at Hampton, Howard, and Tuskegee focused on what approach?
  10. Booker T. Washington concluded that Gen. Oliver O. Howard and the Freedmen’s Bureau had been a failure.
  11. SHORT ESSAY: Choose one of the options below. Respond in a brief essay of one or two paragraphs (8 points).

OPTION 1: Analyze the inuence of the Second Great Awakening on social reform movements, including educational reform.

OPTION 2: In what way does the phrase “except in the South” apply to the development of education in America?

OPTION 3: Why were anti-literacy laws passed in the South?


EDUC 703 Quiz Common School

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