GLST 220 Quiz 4

GLST 220 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. In the history of Israel, the “blessing promise” is fulfilled in what ways?
  2. Emphasis on multitasking; can combine work and personal lives
  3. How many sons did Jacob have?
  4. What analogy was used in the video to define worldview?
  5. Why was it significant (and supernatural) that God promised many descendants to Abraham?
  6. Emphasis on the future circumstances and rewards
  7. Emphasis on non-emotional communication; hiding feelings
  8. The first 18 chapters of Exodus focus on the Israelites leaving Egypt. The rest of the book is about:
  9. Emphasis on rules and standards that apply to everyone
  10. Jacob’s favorite son who ended up in Egypt because of his brothers’ jealousy
  11. True/False: Our worldview is made up of our experiences, knowledge, religion, and cultural background.
  12. Emphasis on explicit communication
  13. What were the names of Isaac and Rebekah’s 2 sons?
  14. Establish the relationship before completing the task.
  15. True/False: CQ Strategy is the key link between our cultural understanding and behaving in ways that result in effective leadership.
  16. Emphasis on being busy and meeting goals
  17. Emphasis on assertiveness and achievement to get results
  18. What did God ask Abraham to do to Isaac?
  19. Leaders with high CQ Strategy
  20. Emphasis on indirect communication
  21. True/False: CQ Strategy is how we use the understanding we gain from CQ Knowledge.
  22. Roberts lays out the broad focus promises presented in various sections of the Old Testament. Match the promise with the scripture reference:
  • God’s rule and blessing
  • God’s people
  • God’s place/land
  • God’s king



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