GLST 220 Quiz 4

GLST 220 Quiz 4 Liberty University Answers

1. The priority on social relationships and emotions versus achievement and competition.
2. The extent to which action and results are emphasized and valued.
3. In _________________________ cultures where status distinctions are important, leaders would be well advised to treat individuals with heightened status with more respect than they might do in a U.S. context.
4. The extent to which there is a willingness to await success.
5. The extent to which communication is indirect and emphasizes roles and implicit understanding.
6. According to Livermore, the purpose of enhancing our cultural intelligence is:
7. In developing CQ action the three kinds of communication behaviors that most need our attention are:
8. Which of the following best describes the nature of CQ?
9. The extent to which risk is reduced or avoided through planning and guidelines.
10. The extent to which personal identity is de ned in terms of individual or group characteristics.
11. For meaningful cross‐cultural experiences to be occur, the following two things must be a part of the experience:
12. For individuals from __________________ cultures, beware of ridiculing a place that just “doesn’t bother” to label its road or provide explicit instructions.
13. Which of the following is a component of CQ?
14. The extent to which di erences in power and status are expected and accepted.
15. An individual who is considering an expat assignment is worried whether she can cope with the di erent living conditions. This is most likely to be re ected in which CQ score?
16. Cultural Intelligence is like your personality; you’re stuck with what you have.
17. Melody Harper shared a story about a company that had to forgo the “employee of the month” program in lieu of a “restaurant of the month” program. This was re ective of a ___________________ culture.
18. Economics determines whether a family will have a kinship or nuclear family orientation.
19. Which of the following is least associated with a person high in CQ Action?
20. It’s not really necessary for an individual high in CQ knowledge to plan their cross‐ cultural encounters.
21. is the key link between our cultural understanding and behaving in ways that result in e ective leadership.
22. Suspending judgments is more di cult for a person who has a low
23. All of the following are results of CQ except:
24. The three key experiences that consistently reveal a positive relationship with CQ include all but:
25. An informal legal system is not as binding as a formal legal system since the rules are not written down.

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