GLST 220 Quiz 7

GLST 220 Quiz 7 Liberty University

  1. Match each part of the story to the statement that shows how God is concerned for all nations:
    1. The Partial Kingdom
    2. The Promised Kingdom
    3. The Prophesied Kingdom
    4. The Perfected Kingdom
    5. The Proclaimed Kingdom
    6. The Present Kingdom
  2. True/False: An oral learner uses linear thinking.
  3. True/False: Literate methods of learnings are more linear.
  4. Cultural intelligence is not directly tied to personal and organizational performance.
  5. Leaders who develop cultural intelligence are more likely to experience burnout from their intercultural work.
  6. Creativity and innovation are seen as essential strengths needed by those put in global leadership positions.
  7. True/False: The Bible uses three different tenses to speak of our salvation.
  8. True/False: Racial and linguistic differences are the only cultural factors to consider when leading a diverse church congregation.
  9. True/False: Effective intercultural communication and cultural intelligence can help us to bring glory to God in our churches and in our ministries
  10. Leaders with high CQ Drive and high CQ Action are better able to handle the psychological, emotional, and day-to-day adaptations they have to make in a new culture.
  11. Leaders with low CQ are better able to drive growth in new cultural markets and effectively serve diverse customers.
  12. The Bible calls the time between the first and second comings of Christ
  13. Parents who immerse their kids in other cultures and help them see all the differences can give their children an early start in developing cultural intelligence.
  14. Education level is positively related to cultural intelligence.
  15. Which of the following is not an experience that consistently yields a positive relationship with higher CQ?
  16. There is a correlation between emotional stability and CQ Action.
  17. True/False: Developing a high CQ helps us to be respected leaders, successful business people, caring professionals, and engaging teachers
  18. True/False: CQ Action can be enhanced by adapting our communication, adjusting our leadership performance, and knowing when to adapt and when not to adapt.
  19. Nonverbal Actions include all of the following except
  20. What is a Kingdom Professional?
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