ETHC 280 Quiz Liberation Theology

ETHC 280 Quiz: Liberation Theology

  1. According to Nash, liberation theology supports a free – market world view ?
  2. According to Nash, the economic thesis of liberation theology is that capitalism is evil and socialism is good
  3. According to Nash, state socialism results in dehumanizing totalitarianism. Liberation theologians disagree with Nash’s assessment, which is labeled as a conservative evangelical viewpoint.
  4. According to Nash, every follower of Christ (Christian) can agree with the liberation theology thesis that they should be on the side of the poor and the oppressed. According to Nash a rights -based and free -market society is the way to side with the poor and oppressed. Socialism is not.
  5. According to Nash, liberation theology fails to distinguish between capitalism and economic interventionsim.
  6. According to Nash, economic systems that strategically discourage production can succeed in eliminating poverty.
  7. According to Nash, the focus of debate between Christians on how best to help the poor and be concerned for others is the means as to how to do that. Nash therefore asserts that Christians should be aware of the differences between socialism and capitalism / free – enterprise systems since this shapes treatment of one’s neighbor, and more specically one’s less fortunate neighbor.
  8. According to Nash, human liberation is not directly related to free markets.
  9. According to Nash, state planning can help alleviate poverty and increase freedom.
  10. According to Nash, some Christian evangelical leaders have argued that an acute sense of political injustice, a sharpened social analysis which perceives the essential corruption of the present system, and a compassion for those who suffer from the existing order, make a Christian alliance with Marxism understandable.
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