EDLC 632 Oral Language Quiz

EDLC 632 Quiz Oral Language: Listening and Talking

Covers the Learn material from Module 3: Week 3.

  1. A fifth-grade class listened to several radio commercials for video games and then discussed the concept of truth in advertising. These students were engaged in:
  2. When implementing an interactive read-aloud, it is most important to:
  3. As the students entered the auditorium for a social studies presentation, their teacher reminded them to take notes to prepare for a test on the subject. During the presentation, these students were engaged in:
  4. Fifth-grade teacher Joe Gillespie enjoyed the novel Hoot, which tells the story of a boy dealing with ecological issues in Florida. When he read Hoot aloud to his students in Alaska, however, they had difficulty understanding the novel. The Alaskan students most likely had difficulty understanding the story because:
  5. When she asked students to summarize information from a science presentation, fourth grade teacher Gloria McCall wrote their comments on the whiteboard. Of the following, the best instructional reason for writing notes on the whiteboard is to:
  6. Because students need to know whether they’re listening successfully and whether a listening strategy is working, teachers should introduce and model the strategy of:
  7. Of the following, the best way to promote higher level thinking is to:
  8. Teachers should read aloud:
  9. Because he wanted to follow the Common Core guidelines, fourth grade teacher Mike Marker required students to develop oral presentations. The teacher did not give guidelines and did not help with the assignment. The principal correctly reminded the teacher that to follow the Common Core, teachers should:
  10. Harry, a fan of The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, purchased audio versions of the novels and listened to the stories during his family’s vacation. When he listened to the novels, Harry was engaged in:
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