EDLC 632 Teaching Language Arts Quiz

EDLC 632 Quiz Teaching and Assessing Language Arts

Covers the Learn material from Module 2: Week 2.

  1. Researcher Yetta Goodman discussed the need for teachers to observe students as they participate in language arts activities. She described this process as:
  2. Several students who are English language learners have enrolled in Doris Triado’s third-grade class. The principal has correctly advised this teacher to:
  3. Language arts teachers use conferences to monitor students’ progress. The teacher’s role in a conference is to:
  4. Of the following, the most useful tool for engaging students in self-reflection and goal setting is the:
  5. Marsico’s third-grade class is reading a novel, The Trumpet of the Swan, and completing many related activities. Because the entire class is reading the same novel, they are participating in a:
  6. There are four fifth-grade classrooms in the Brady School. To make the language arts assessment process more consistent, the principal and teachers worked together to develop:
  7. During writing workshop, students usually:
  8. When using Literature Circles, teachers should:
  9. Of the following, it is most important for teachers to always:
  10. In addition to giving students grades for their assignments, sixth-grade teacher Harry Bonhage would also like to offer them constructive feedback. Of the following, the best way to accomplish that goal would be to:
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