PSYC 810 Quiz Collecting Data

PSYC 810 Quiz Collecting Data

Covers the Textbook material from Module 5: Week 5.

  1. A convenience sample may serve which of the following purposes:
  2. Bogdan and Biklen’s (1992) questions concerning gatekeepers address which of the following questions:
  3. The interview protocol should include which of the following elements:
  4. Which of the following sampling approaches highlights what is normal or average?
  5. Creswell and Poth recommend gathering field notes first by observing as an ‘______’ and then by moving into the setting and observing as an ‘______’.
  6. Consent forms should provide all of the following except:
  7. According to Creswell and Poth, which of the following varies across approaches?
  8. For an ethnographic study, access typically begins with a gatekeeper.
  9. Qualitative data collection may include any of the following formats except:
  10. Case studies may involve multiple sites.
  11. Steps for interviewing include deciding on research questions, identifying interviewees, determining the type of interview, using adequate recording procedures, designing and using an interview protocol or guide, ______, determining the place for the interview, having the interviewee complete a consent form, and using good interview procedures.
  12. Institutional Review Boards conduct which the following:
  13. Creswell and Poth mention field notes in connection with which of the following aspects of data collection?
  14. Major forms of data collection include which of the following:
  15. Which of the following are steps in the data collection circle?
  16. All of the following are qualitative sampling strategies except:
  17. Which of the following purposeful sampling strategies aims to elaborate on initial analysis, seek exceptions, and look for variation?
  18. Which of the following purposes does homogeneous sampling serve?
  19. Grounded theory necessarily involves a single site.
  20. In a phenomenological study, participants must have experienced the phenomenon.
  21. Creswell and Poth recommend which of the following aspects of data storage:
  22. Politically important sampling serves which of the following purposes?
  23. Interviewing requires which of the following procedures:
  24. Grounded theory studies start with a homogeneous sample.
  25. Which of the following do Creswell and Poth pose as an ethical issue?
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