PSYC 810 Quiz Intro Philosophical Assumptions

PSYC 810 Quiz: Introduction, Philosophical Assumptions and Interpretive Frameworks

Covers the Learn material from Module 1: Week 1

  1. Social constructivism has as its main focus:
  2. An interpretive framework in a qualitative study will inform ____.
  3. One aim of transformative research is:
  4. This interpretive framework is methodologically agnostic:
  5. Queer theory is concerned with:
  6. Postpositivist research has each of the following characteristics except:
  7. A leading writer of feminist qualitative studies is:
  8. Philosophical assumptions about methodology are basically concerned with:
  9. As postmodernist researchers “deconstruct” texts, what kinds of structures do they look for:
  10. According to Denzin and Lincoln (2011), which one of these activities is a focus of the first step of framing the research process?
  11. Which of the following is the most likely research goal for a postmodern researcher?
  12. Axiology answers this question:
  13. Philosophical assumptions are sometimes hidden in qualitative studies.
  14. Ontology relates to:
  15. Critical theorists are concerned with:
  16. Epistemology relates most closely to:
  17. A transformative researcher would be interested in ensuring:
  18. Critical race theory is concerned with:
  19. Pragmatism in qualitative research focuses on:
  20. Which of the following is true of a pragmatic research approach?
  21. In a social constructivist research project, the research focuses on broad and general questions so that:
  22. It is not important for the researcher to focus on multiple constructions of reality in the study.
  23. Disability theory is principally concerned with:
  24. What is meant by “metanarratives”?
  25. According to the text, qualitative research using social justice frameworks typically contains all of these elements except:
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