PSYC 810 Quiz Five Qualitative Studies

PSYC 810 Quiz: Five Qualitative Studies

Covers the Textbook material from Module 3: Week 3.

  1. Frelin (2015) described all of the following elements of case study except:
  2. What do Creswell and Poth recommend beginning with to select a research approach?
  3. Chan (2010) participated in Ai Mei’s life outside of school.
  4. Which of the following programs did Harley et al. (2009) use for data analysis?
  5. Which of the following approaches involves emic and etic interpretation?
  6. Harley et al.’s (2009) exclusion criteria included each of the following except:
  7. Frelin (2015) attempted to follow Stake’s (1995) case study procedures. Stake’s case study approach included the following element:
  8. Which of the following is not a component of Harley et al.’s (2009) framework of physical activity?
  9. Which of the following approaches involves systematic analysis?
  10. Which of the following sample components is Harley et al. (2009) involved in?
  11. In Chan’s (2010) study, the following themes related to conflict in Ai Mei’s life, with the exception of:
  12. Harley et al.’s (2009) three-phase model included initiation, transition, and integration of physical activity.
  13. Which of the following do Harley et al. (2009) focus on?
  14. Frelin’s (2015) study involved collecting the following forms of data:
  15. Which of the following approaches requires clear boundaries?
  16. In which of the following approaches does the researcher reduce data to its essence?
  17. The major outcome of Mac an Ghaill and Haywood (2015) was to identify:
  18. Which of the following approaches involves a portrait of an individual person?
  19. Which of the following was not a theme of Anderson and Spencer’s work among men and women with AIDS (2002)?
  20. Chan’s (2010) overriding purpose was to describe the culture of Ai Mei Zhang’s classroom.
  21. Frelin (2015) bounded the case as:
  22. Anderson and Spencer (2002) omitted direct quotes from their significance statements.
  23. The essence of Anderson and Spencer’s (2002) discussion involved patients’ experiences and coping strategies.
  24. Chan (2010) built a relationship with Ai Mei in each of the following ways except:
  25. Which of the following lenses do Mac an Ghaill and Haywood (2015) refer to?
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