PSYC 810 Quiz Data Analysis

PSYC 810 Quiz Data Analysis

Covers the Learn material from Module 6: Week 6.

  1. Assume you want to use Reissman’s (2008) typology of four analytic strategies for narrative reporting. What question will help you think about the structural form?
  2. What components are included in the three-dimensional space approach to coding a story for a narrative study?
  3. Double entendres may point to an unconscious subtext
  4. Which of the following are elements of analysis in phenomenological studies?
  5. Creswell and Poth’s template for coding the essence of a phenomenological study includes which of the following?
  6. Matt is comparing qualitative data analysis software. Which of the following is the most important consideration as he decides which one to use?
  7. Yussen and Ozcan’s (1997) elements of plot structure for a narrative study include which of the following?
  8. For grounded theory analysis according to Strauss and Corbin (1990, 1998), which of the following coding processes begins the analysis?
  9. Making sense out of field notes is a straightforward proposition.
  10. In Creswell and Poth’s template for coding a grounded theory study, axial coding categories include which of the following?
  11. Interpretation in qualitative research involves abstracting beyond codes and themes to larger meanings of data.
  12. Which of the following issues is most important to consider in the coding process?
  13. Wolcott’s (1994) aspects of data analysis include which of the following:
  14. Moustakas’ (1994) discussion of phenomenological analysis includes each of the following steps except:
  15. What is the basic idea behind Van Manen’s (1990) process of “phenomenological reflection”?
  16. Critics claim that qualitative research largely falls back on the three “I’s.” The three “I’s” include each of the following except:
  17. Managing data involves organizing data.
  18. In vivo codes are based on modification of participants’ words.
  19. Sara is conducting a qualitative study of individuals who take nature walks. How might she represent her data?
  20. Which of the following approaches to coding do Creswell and Poth recommend?
  21. An in situ description is important because it provides:
  22. When applying Creswell and Poth’s template for coding an ethnography, the cultural portrait of how a culture-sharing group works should include:
  23. Which of the following methods is most important in a multiple case study?
  24. Advantages of using computer software include which of the following:
  25. The data analysis spiral includes which of the following procedures?
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