EDLC 632 Emergent Literacy Quiz

EDLC 632 Emergent Literacy Quiz

Covers the Learn material from Module 2: Week 2.

  1. Students’ understanding about the purposes of reading and writing:
  2. In the English language, there are approximately:
  3. A first-grade teacher read aloud to his class as they followed along with their own copies of the text. In this situation, the teacher used the technique known as:
  4. When teachers engage children in phonemic awareness activities, they focus upon the children’s ability to:
  5. After visiting a warehouse, a first-grade teacher and her students sat together and took turns holding the pen and writing sentences about their experience. This group participated in:
  6. Research suggests that phonics should be taught within a balanced approach and that phonics instruction should be completed by:
  7. Guided reading:
  8. The term emergent literacy was coined by:
  9. In the word snug, the rime is:
  10. If a teacher plans to use guided reading groups, students should:
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