EDUC 642 Observation Protocols Paper

EDUC 642 Finding and Evaluating Observation Protocols

It is important for aspiring administrators to understand that different school districts have different expectations regarding both the frequency of observations and the areas that are observed and evaluated. By finding samples of protocols (Classroom Observation Forms) from various states and districts as well as private schools, you will begin to realize that policy and practice (instead of the principal) usually dictate how observations/evaluations are conducted. For this assignment, locate 10 observation protocols (forms) utilizing the Internet. These protocols are sometimes called observation checklists, observation forms, or evaluation forms. Your 10 selected protocols must represent a variety of states, levels (elementary/middle/high), and subject areas and must include both publicandprivate schools. (Please note: You will select one of the ten protocol forms to use in the Completing Observation Cycle for a Teacher Assignment). No more than one protocol may be used from the same website, school, and/or district.

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