AVIA 360 Quiz Safety

AVIA 360 Quiz: Safety

  1. Which method of on-demand transportation involves leasing an aircraft to another operator for equal time on their aircraft?
  2. Commercial air transport is separated by the FAA into
  3. Which is an example of a tangible benefit of corporate aviation?
  4. As a rule of thumb, what is the utilization range for considering charter as an option for meeting an on-demand need?
  5. It is important for the flight department manager to be aware that company culture
  6. Annual Aircraft Operating Costs Determine the approximate Total Variable Cost with the following data for a utilization level of 320 flight hours. Variable Cost ….$1,533 Fixed Cost ………$330,000
  7. Which is an example of a variable cost?
  8. Which is an example of a fixed cost?
  9. What formula is used to help value a flight for personal use?
  10. Which method of on-demand transportation provides a good value to operators needing 100 to 150 annual hours?
  11. What is the purpose of IS-BAO?
  12. In addition to being “functional,” the text mentions that the organizational structure should be
  13. What method of trip approval offers aircraft users the most control over aircaft scheduling?
  14. Flight departments should view their activities primarily as
  15. What is the NBAA CAM program?
  16. What are the three essential management tasks?
  17. What must a manager do to have key managerial skills become a part of their repertoire?
  18. Which is an element of execution?
  19. Which is a part of P3S?
  20. What is one broad category in which automation-related incidents occur?
  21. Users of IS-BAO have mentioned Cost Containment as a reason for implementation. What does Cost Containment refer to?
  22. Which system of maintenance tracking is reported to be particularly impressive when it comes time to sell the aircraft?
  23. What is available to maintenance technicians to reduce the complexities of maintenance tracking?
  24. Which is a benefit of just culture?
  25. Which is one aspect of an informed culture?
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