UNIV 104 Quiz 2

UNIV 104 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. It is best to read straight through the chapter from beginning to end to ensure you get a clear understanding of the material.
  2. Memorization is the most important skill for college success.
  3. There is a single good note-taking strategy for each student.
  4. Good notes capture everything an instructor has said in the lecture.
  5. Reading intensity for online learning is roughly twice that of residential students.
  6. Overlearning is
  7. When answering an essay question in a test with other question types as well, it is best to
  8. The note-taking method which shows relationships between ideas/facts in graphic form is called
  9. Previewing a chapter before you read it should include
  10. Headphones can be a useful reading and study tool
  11. Diagrams, graphs, maps, and pictures are included in the textbook
  12. A rubric is
  13. Microsoft Office 365 is
  14. The best practice is to
  15. Outlining your notes or thoughts
  16. Students can tell how much “weight” each item in the assignment is worth by examining the grading rubric.
  17. A grading rubric might be very simple or quite complex, but allows each student’s work to be graded by the same standard.
  18. Some assignments are graded for “completion” and may not have a rubric associated with them.
  19. Since everything in the grading rubric is explained in the assignment instructions, it is not necessary to look at the grading rubric before completing the assignment.
  20. It is wise to review the grading rubric only after completing and submitting the assignment.
  21. Summarize the content of Chapter 3 in no more or less than 40–45 words.
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