UNIV 104 Quiz 1

UNIV 104 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. What was the original name of what we now know as Liberty University?
  2. At Liberty University, what two things must go together for a complete education?
  3. What is the nickname of Liberty University?
  4. The current president of Liberty University is Jerry Falwell, Jr.
  5. Liberal arts education is appropriate only for students who wish to have careers in English, history, or the humanities.
  6. Students once lived in “dormitories” on Treasure Island.
  7. The subject line of an email to your instructor must always include
  8. Which of the following is an acceptable reason to ask for an extension on your assignment?
  9. The first assignment in each course at Liberty University Online is
  10. The Code of Honor spells out expectations for
  11. If you need academic accommodations due to a documented disability, to which office would you turn?
  12. The Jerry Falwell Library
  13. According to your textbook, why are self-reflection and monitoring important in online learning?
  14. Which document in each course explains the basic policies that apply to the course?
  15. To find information which can allow you to contact your instructor, look under
  16. Liberty University’s most basic expectations of students are spelled out in the
  17. Liberty University defines critical thinking as the process of evaluating information gained through observation, reflection, or research, to reach logical conclusions and to guide decision making?
  18. Accurately match the main text of the five critical thinking competencies, on the left, with the word/phrase on the right that best fits.
  19. Choose the explanation which best describes the Standard of Thought:  Precision
  20. Choose the explanation which best describes the Standard of Thought:  Breadth
  21. Summarize the content of Chapter 1 in no more or less than 40–45 words.
  22. Summarize the content of Chapter 2 in no more or less than 40–45 words.
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