PRTH 173 Quiz Acts

PRTH 173 Quiz: Acts and Revelation

  1. Read Revelation with
  2. Try to discover the message to the ____________ readers
  3. Don’t try to discover a strict chronological map of __________ events.
  4. Take Revelation seriously, but don’t always take it _____________-
  5. Pay attention when John ___________ an image
  6. Look to the Old Testament and ___________ context when interpreting images and symbols
  7. Above all, focus on the _________ idea and don’t press all the details
  8. Look for what Luke _______________ to communicate to his readers
  9. Look for positive and negative examples in the ________________ of the story
  10. Read individual passages in light of the _____________ story of Acts and the rest of the New Testament.
  11. Look to other parts of Acts to ______________ what is normative.
  12. Look for ___________ patterns and themes
  13. What are the two broad divisions in the book of Acts. Note the divisions and the chapters involved
  14. Did you read the Duvall chapters on Acts and Revelation?
  15. Write a 250 word essay about Acts 6:1 covering the following aspects:
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