AVIA 360 Exam 4

AVIA 360 Exam 4 Liberty University

AVIA 360 Quiz Determining the Need

AVIA 360 Quiz Safety

AVIA 360 Quiz Running the Business

AVIA 360 Quiz Operations

Set 1

  1. Flight departments should view their activities primarily as
  2. The budget is an extension of which business process?
  3. What is at the core of IS-BAO?
  4. What are the three divisions of on-demand air transportation?
  5. Commercial air transport is separated by the FAA into
  6. Maintenance technicians should be hired for their ability to
  7. What is meant by the abreviation AOG?
  8. What method of trip approval offers aircraft users the most control over aircaft scheduling?
  9. Which is an element of execution?
  10. Which is an example of a tangible benefit of corporate aviation?
  11. What is one broad category in which automation-related incidents occur?
  12. Users of IS-BAO have mentioned Cost Containment as a reason for implementation. What does Cost Containment refer to?
  13. What is the general rule of thumb for the number of pilots per corporate aircraft?
  14. What must a manager do to have key managerial skills become a part of their repertoire?
  15. Which system of maintenance tracking is reported to be particularly impressive when it comes time to sell the aircraft?
  16. It is important for the flight department manager to be aware that company culture
  17. When it comes to maintenance, what are the two general options available to owners?
  18. Which is a basic financial process highlighted in the text?
  19. Which is an example of a variable cost?
  20. Which is one aspect of a just culture?
  21. How much of business aircraft accidents occur in the final minutes of flight?
  22. Severity of Hazard x Probability of Occurrence =
  23. Which is a benefit of just culture?
  24. Which safety causal factor was mentioned as perhaps the most important?
  25. Which is factor helps to indicate a successful flight department?

Set 2

  1. Who is responsible for the airworthiness of all aircraft within the flight department?
  2. Unescorted visitors in the hangar, or on the ramp should be
  3. What person is responsible for ensuring that a viable maintenance program is in place?
  4. The NBAA Management Guideline which attempted to establish best practices, was first published in the
  5. Safety management at the beginning of flight was
  6. A systematic approach to managing safety, including the necessary organizational structures, accountabilities, policies, and procedures is a(n)
  7. The assessment, expressed in terms of predicted probability and severity, of the consequences of a hazard is
  8. When unique operational situations occur such as overweight landings, bird strikes, or severe turbulence are encountered, the aircraft will need a(n)
  9. Safety management systems began with
  10. The accurateness of the flight log book entries are the responsibility of the
  11. When away from home base, all necessary measures needed to protect the aircraft are the responsibility of
  12. One of the most important responsibilities assigned to the maintenance manager is the:
  13. SMS institutes a cultural shift that provides for
  14. A weight and balance form must:
  15. Flight crew passports and ID cards should be renewed ahead of time by at least
  16. Firearms on aircraft should be
  17. Some corporate operators choose to outsource their maintenance to
  18. During the planning phase of each trip, there should be
  19. What document allows an operator to take advantage of the engineered redundancy within modern aircraft?
  20. What document clearly designates who is allowed to board the company aircraft?
  21. Accurate recognition of hazards
  22. The first and most important task of putting together an effective SMS program is the creation of
  23. The CFR which covers reportable incidents or accidents is
  24. When the aircraft is at home base, the entrances and compartments should be
  25. FAA regulations that required inspection or modification to an aircraft after it has been certified are
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