ETHC 280 Quiz Individual Rights

ETHC 280 Quiz: Individual Rights and Freedom

  1. According to Hayek, in one sense socialism means the abolition of private enterprise which is replaced by a central planning body.
  2. According to Hayek, the means of achieving social reform is “economic planning” and it can be used for many other purposes.
  3. Whereas Haskins noted socialism in its theoretical form does not endorse government control “democratic socialism”, Hayek explains that socialism puts governments in a position where to support themselves they are obliged to be oppressive and tyrannical.
  4. According to Hayek, one of the main arguments in favor of competition is that it always occurs naturally.
  5. According to Hayek, monopolists impede freedom of choice, and an authority directing the whole economic system is another form of monopoly.
  6. According to Hayek, economic freedom, the freedom of choice, also carries risk and responsibility.
  7. According to Shapiro, in the 18th century the United States moved toward the embrace of an Enlightenment based on Locke, Blackstone, Montesquieu and the Bible.
  8. According to Shapiro, the Declaration of Independence, and the French Declaration of the Rights of Man assert the exact same values.
  9. According to Shapiro, Edmund Burke predicted that the French revolutions triumph of supposed rationality over tradition and Judeo-Christian values (in distinction from the 1776 revolution) would turn reason into a mere byword to be vulgarized by political forces.
  10. According to Shapiro, Georg Hegel argued individuals were defined by the life of the state. For Hegel the state supersedes the individual. Hegel was influential on Marx.
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