ETHC 280 Quiz Responses to Socialism

ETHC 280 Quiz: Responses to Socialism

  1. According to Haskins, people who advocate for socialism are often well – intentioned and truly believe it can x the world’s most difficult crises.
  2. According to Haskins, many of the predictions from Marx regarding a free-market society have been shown wrong.
  3. According to Haskins, some socialist admit that their system might compel people to engage in activities those individuals find abhorrent.
  4. According to Haskins, socialism does not seek to replace religious beliefs.
  5. According to Haskins, socialist do not assume economic concerns have greater value than individual liberty.
  6. According to Haskins, the Socialist Party of Great Britain implied and seemed to acknowledge that socialism is incompatible with religious liberty(therefore freedom of thought in general).
  7. According to Haskins, socialism believes in and requires uniformity of thought as demonstrated by its ideal of the common ownership of property.
  8. According to Shapiro, the existentialist reduced human purpose to creation of subjective truth; and science provided the last remnant of objective truth in Western thought.
  9. According to Shapiro, the legacy of Western thought relied on natural law . Universal natural law is the idea that humans are animals and should act in accord with their instincts.
  10. According to Shapiro, in the 20th century science was quickly used to undermine reason and will.
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