ETHC 280 Quiz Socialism and Human Rights

ETHC 280 Quiz: Socialism and Human Rights

  1. According to Socialism is Evil textbook, when most Americans hear the word socialism they usually think of a Scandinavian paradise or: (choose only one)
  2. According to Shapiro, the secularist myth holds that religion:
  3. According to Shapiro, the Founding Fathers were devotees of Cicero, Locke, the Bible, and:
  4. A key feature of virtually every modern socialist movement is its commitment to: (choose only one)
  5. According to the Socialism is Evil text the main reason the author opposes socialism is:
  6. Haskins argues that it is immoral to force -violence or imprisonment- peaceful people to participate in activities they are morally opposed to. Additionally Haskins argues Socialism on principle must fall into this immorality.
  7. Haskins, the author of Socialism is Evil, thinks it should be argued that socialism is a horrendous, tyrannical ideology, even if it can be proven to be effective at controlling every aspect of a nation’s economy.
  8. The Socialist Party USA emphasizes the importance of: (choose only one)
  9. According to the Socialism is Evil textbook European – style socialism is sometimes referred to as:
  10. According to The Right Side of History text, in the 13th century two new ideas emerged. One is that humans are capable of exploring the world and improving their material condition it it. The other is:
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