ARTS 361 Quiz 5

ARTS 361 Quiz 5 Liberty University

  1. Scott Kelby said that with today’s sharper lenses, using a tripod is not necessary anymore.
  2. According to Scott Kelby, the absolute best pattern photograph also contains something that actually breaks the pattern.
  3. One of the composition videos stated that it is best to limit yourself to having only one subject per photograph.
  4. According to Scott Kelby, stop trying to find a technically accurate shot; but find your emotional response to a subject instead.
  5. Scott Kelby suggests shooting handheld until you find the angle that works for your subject, then bring in the tripod and use it.
  6. As a photographer, you always want to conserve space on your camera’s memory card by only limiting yourself to one shot of each subject.
  7. Scott Kelby said to never put the horizon line in the middle of a landscape photo.
  8. Which of the following is not a good way to contrast the subject with the background in a photo?
  9. The only way to creating a compelling composition to a photograph is to fill the frame with your subject, thus making your subject predominant, front and center, within the frame.
  10. One excellent tip that will really help your photographic composition, according to Scott Kelby, is to find some great photographers you like and study their work intensely.
  11. If you want to add a sense of scale to your photo, and show how big or small something is, you should consider adding a person to your image.
  12. A photograph that shows a frame within a frame is more likely than not to be considered dynamic, giving the viewer the idea of moving into the photograph spatially.
  13. Scott Kelby said to not stop photographing something after getting “the walk-up shot,” but to “keep working the subject” by trying various angles, different crops, etc.
  14. Which photographic composition rule applies to the following situation? A photographer composes their photo so that the subject is at the intersection of an imaginary grid of lines that resemble a tic-tac-toe board.
  15. A good photographer will maintain a healthy balance between using a horizontal format and a vertical one, thus avoiding being “vertically challenged.”
  16. One way to decide where to put the horizon line in a landscape photograph (down low or up high) is to ask yourself which part of the photo is more visually interesting the land or the sky? Then include more of that interesting part.
  17. Don’t publically display photography that is not your absolute best work.
  18. One composition rule that should never be broken is that the subject should always be in the center of the photograph.
  19. Most people taking pictures don’t take the time to scan the edges of their viewfinders to notice cluttered edges or foreground interference.
  20. Which rule of composition states that a subject that goes from corner to corner within a photo adds dynamic movement and excitement to the image?
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