ARTS 361 Quiz 7

ARTS 361 Quiz 7 Liberty University

  1. A good way to improve your own photography is to expose yourself to other good photographer’s works via gallery shows, publications and the internet.
  2. Unlike Twitter, photos posted to Facebook can be shared with a larger, more public audience; therefore, gaining the photographer more exposure in a shorter amount of time.
  3. Which of the following is not a valid part of the criticism process of a photograph?
  4. When criticizing your own photographs, don’t worry about the technical aspects of the photo; pay more attention to things like composition and the communication of ideas.
  5. The web sharing app, Twitter, allows a user to post an album of an unlimited number of pictures to the web in a single post along with an unlimited about of text too.
  6. A good way to get better at your photography is to put a set of prints up on a wall and leave them there for a long period of time and then re-evaluate your feelings about them and see if anything has changed.
  7. Photoshop’s Elements program allows users to make and produce slide shows using a collection of individual still images.
  8. The old-fashioned family slideshows of the past are now being replaced with digital versions, in effect, still images shown as videos complete with sound.
  9. A good way to improve at your photography is to seek out local photography clubs and groups to belong to in order to get feedback from others about your work.
  10. What’s the easiest way to share your photos with the most viewers in the shortest amount of time?
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