ARTS 361 Quiz 6

ARTS 361 Quiz 6 Liberty University

  1. A finished photograph does not have to be cropped the same way as it was taken in camera. Cropping is also a viable option for the photographer to do later on in post-production editing software.
  2. If a photographer is looking to recrop a finished print, a good and effective way to visualize what a new crop would look like would be to do what?
  3. Dry mounting with a press is the best, most professional way to mount a print.
  4. When positioning your image on a mat board, place it in the center from side to side but move it slightly higher than center from top to bottom. It is an optical illusion, but when pictures are placed absolutely in the center there will always appear to be less space at the bottom than on the sides and the top.
  5. When choosing what size mat board to mount a print to, keep in mind that the more neutral visual space that is placed between the display wall and the print itself, the more your photograph itself will stand out and be the star of the show.
  6. Before mounting a digital print, it is highly recommended that a photographer carefully visually scan a photographs’ file before making a final print to check for dust and scratches that could be easily be removed via the spot healing brush in post-production.
  7. The color of a final prints’ mat board does not have much bearing on the overall look of the final print’s presentation.
  8. What color of mat board is often the best one for showing off the brilliant black or white tones of a particular photograph?
  9. As a general rule for writing captions to accompany your photographs in a display, keep them short and to the point because photographs usually speak for themselves.
  10. When choosing which photographs to appear in a photo essay, it doesn’t matter if some images are visually weaker in their compositions than others so long as the photographs in question add to the overall content of the series itself.
  11. One major problem with digital photography is being organized with regards to storing your photo files for the long term and being able to find an older image easily later.
  12. When mounting a number of photographs that will make up a series and be displayed together it doesn’t necessarily matter that the photos are printed the same size and/or mounted in the same manner, as variety is the spice of life, so to speak.
  13. It is imperative as a photographer, that you have at least one backup of every image you want to keep over the long term because digital files are so easily lost, damaged, or accidently overwritten and therefore gone forever.
  14. Which device, according to your textbook is not a viable option for use by a photographer to create a backup copy of their photos on?
  15. The best and safest form of backup is to have duplicate copies of your photo files in two distinct physical locations, thus protecting them from theft, fire and flood too.
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