ARTS 361 Quiz 4

ARTS 361 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. Adobe’s Camera Raw program can now be used to adjust more than just RAW files; in the newer versions of the software a photographer can use the program to adjust JPEG and TIFF files too.
  2. The number one maker and seller of cameras today are the cellular phone companies and not the traditional camera makers like Nikon and Canon.
  3. The “vibrance” slider in Adobe Camera Raw is subtler at adjusting the colorfulness of the colors in a photograph than the saturation slider, and it also does so while protecting skin tones from becoming too colorful.
  4. Only your camera’s manufacturer’s software is able to successfully transfer your images onto your computer.
  5. It is not yet possible to generate a usable still image from a digital recording by a digital video camera, although in the future it may be.
  6. One of the advantages of using Adobe Camera Raw to edit images with is that the program just builds a sidecar instructions file of all your edits and applies those to your image, rather than changing the pixels in the original image itself.
  7. Which of the following “healing” tools in Photoshop does not require the user to set a sample point in order to use, but relies on the programs sensing the pixels around a repair and trying to blend in the new repair automatically?
  8. What view should your photo be in in order to discern the proper amount of sharpening to apply to it using the “unsharp mask” option within Photoshop?
  9. According to the text, what is the best format to save your photo in after editing it in Photoshop?
  10. The “Dodge tool” is the name of the tool a photographer would employ within Photoshop in order to darken a selected portion of a photograph that appears too light.
  11. One big advantage of printing your images at home with an inkjet printer is the ability to choose from a wide array of different papers that your photo can be printed on.
  12. Inkjet printers that produce color photographs with a high enough resolution of output to be considered photo quality usually work with more than how many colors of ink?
  13. Most photographic quality inkjet printers are capable of printing at a high resolution of near what?
  14. One of the reasons that Photoshop is so versatile as a photo editing program is the ability to edit your photos using layers, where each adjustment is done separately and independently on its own layer.
  15. In today’s world image capture is not limited to a dedicated camera, and image editing is not limited to a computer, because both jobs can be done now with your phone and/or tablet.
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