ARTS 361 Final

ARTS 361 Final Liberty University

  1. What type of light source is responsible for making a subject’s eyes glow red in color?
  2. Which of the following is not a valid part of the criticism process of a photograph?
  3. Light coming from which direction will enhance both depth and texture of your subject?
  4. Don’t publically display photography that is not your absolute best work.
  5. What’s the easiest way to share your photos with the most viewers in the shortest amount of time?
  6. Which type of camera allows the photographer to see a scene through the viewfinder exactly as it will appear in the final photograph, thus reducing errors in framing?
  7. Which of the following lens apertures would allow the least amount of light into the camera?
  8. Which photographic composition rule applies to the following situation? A photographer composes their photo so that the subject is at the intersection of an imaginary grid of lines that resemble a tic-tac-toe board.
  9. The “Dodge tool” is the name of the tool a photographer would employ within Photoshop in order to darken a selected portion of a photograph that appears too light.
  10. The number one maker and seller of cameras today are the cellular phone companies and not the traditional camera makers like Nikon and Canon.
  11. From which direction should a photographer position the light to come from when photographing glass or transparent objects in the studio?
  12. A finished photograph does not have to be cropped the same way as it was taken in camera. Cropping is also a viable option for the photographer to do later on in post-production editing software.
  13. The lower the total number of pixels on a particular camera’s sensor is, the larger the print that can be made from that particular camera’s picture file.
  14. A good way to improve your own photography is to expose yourself to other good photographer’s works via gallery shows, publications and the internet.
  15. The color of a final prints’ mat board does not have much bearing on the overall look of the final print’s presentation.
  16. The best and safest form of backup is to have duplicate copies of your photo files in two distinct physical locations, thus protecting them from theft, fire and flood too.
  17. What does the abbreviation DSLR stand for?
  18. Which of the following camera shutter speeds would be best to use if you were trying to freeze the motion of a basketball player going up for a slam dunk?
  19. When positioning your image on a mat board, place it in the center from side to side but move it slightly higher than center from top to bottom. It is an optical illusion, but when pictures are placed absolutely in the center there will always appear to be less space at the bottom than on the sides and the top.
  20. Only your camera’s manufacturer’s software is able to successfully transfer your images onto your computer.
  21. Most people taking pictures don’t take the time to scan the edges of their viewfinders to notice cluttered edges or foreground interference.
  22. Noise in a digital photograph is caused by what thing(s)?
  23. A photographer should always use the highest ISO number possible in a given lighting condition in order to get the clearest, best possible results with the least amount of noise.
  24. It’s a good idea, as a portrait photographer, to book your outdoor environmental portrait sessions around the correct time of day or even season of the year depending upon the anticipation of when and where the sun will be shining at those times.
  25. A number that describes how much magnification of the subject that a lens will employ or how much of the scene a lens takes in is called?
  26. One of the advantages of using Adobe Camera Raw to edit images with is that the program just builds a sidecar instructions file of all your edits and applies those to your image, rather than changing the pixels in the original image itself.
  27. If the amount of in-camera sharpening in a photograph is set too high, it’s not the big an issue and can easily be removed later in post processing.
  28. It is perfectly acceptable for the photographer to change the white balance of the photograph from what was truly accurately witnessed by the photographer in order to create a specific mood to the photograph.
  29. When choosing what size mat board to mount a print to, keep in mind that the more neutral visual space that is placed between the display wall and the print itself, the more your photograph itself will stand out and be the star of the show.
  30. One way to decide where to put the horizon line in a landscape photograph (down low or up high) is to ask yourself which part of the photo is more visually interesting the land or the sky? Then include more of that interesting part.
  31. The only way to creating a compelling composition to a photograph is to fill the frame with your subject, thus making your subject predominant, front and center, within the frame.
  32. Inkjet printers that produce color photographs with a high enough resolution of output to be considered photo quality usually work with more than how many colors of ink?
  33. Even though the camera has a menu option to shoot in grayscale, it’s always best to shoot a scene in full color and then make the conversion to black and white later in post-production.
  34. According to Scott Kelby, stop trying to find a technically accurate shot; but find your emotional response to a subject instead.
  35. Photoshop’s Elements program allows users to make and produce slide shows using a collection of individual still images.
  36. Which of the following camera apertures would allow for the greatest amount of depth of field within a photograph?
  37. A cable release is a necessity for nighttime photography when using the “bulb” setting on your camera.
  38. When mounting a number of photographs that will make up a series and be displayed together it doesn’t necessarily matter that the photos are printed the same size and/or mounted in the same manner, as variety is the spice of life, so to speak.
  39. The use of flash as lighting for photographing animals or wildlife is usually discouraged because it may startle or scare them.
  40. According to the textbook, in relation to landscape photography, the time of day that you photograph it is just as visually important as the location is.
  41. Portable flash cannot be used at just any shutter speed with a DSLR camera. The photographer usually must use a shutter speed of slower than 1/60 of a second.
  42. The “vibrance” slider in Adobe Camera Raw is subtler at adjusting the colorfulness of the colors in a photograph than the saturation slider, and it also does so while protecting skin tones from becoming too colorful.
  43. Using which of the following ISO values on your camera would give the greatest amount of noise in your photos?
  44. What is the most common width to height ratio for DSLR cameras?
  45. What’s the best exposure mode for shooting pictures of pets or animals in their individual environments?
  46. Dry mounting with a press is the best, most professional way to mount a print.
  47. Using a wide-angle lens to photograph people is never a good idea unless it can’t be helped because of being in a tight, enclosed space.
  48. What auxiliary piece of camera equipment is needed besides a tripod in order for the photographer to use super long shutter speeds in bright daylight?
  49. When, according to the text, is the best time to photograph outside places or landscapes?
  50. A good photographer will maintain a healthy balance between using a horizontal format and a vertical one, thus avoiding being “vertically challenged.”
  51. If you want to add a sense of scale to your photo, and show how big or small something is, you should consider adding a person to your image.
  52. People pictured within outdoor place or landscape shots can often give the viewer a sense of scale as to how large or small some subjects really are.
  53. Adobe’s Camera Raw program can now be used to adjust more than just RAW files; in the newer versions of the software a photographer can use the program to adjust JPEG and TIFF files too.
  54. A good way to get better at your photography is to put a set of prints up on a wall and leave them there for a long period of time and then re-evaluate your feelings about them and see if anything has changed.
  55. The best position to place the horizon line at within a landscape photo most of the time would be in the exact center of the frame.
  56. There are two different flash-to-camera connections. One is the PC cord socket, what is the other (a bracket located on the top center of the camera)?
  57. One effective way to improve your picture-making skills as a photographer is to give yourself little self-projects or assignments to fulfill that would stimulate your creativity.
  58. Which camera exposure mode is the camera in when you set the aperture and the camera sets the shutter speed based on the light level of the scene?
  59. What color of mat board is often the best one for showing off the brilliant black or white tones of a particular photograph?
  60. Which flash term below means that the camera and flash communicate electronically, with the camera telling the flash among other things what ISO is being used, and the flash telling the camera when its fully charged and ready to fire?
  61. According to Scott Kelby, the absolute best pattern photograph also contains something that actually breaks the pattern.
  62. The best and most effective way according to the textbook, to prevent “red-eye” from happening in your flash photos is to bounce the light of the flash off a low ceiling or nearby wall.
  63. Scott Kelby suggests shooting handheld until you find the angle that works for your subject, then bring in the tripod and use it.
  64. What camera accessory can be used to create photographs that look like they were taken with a plastic lens laden toy camera?
  65. Sometimes color itself can be the subject of a successful photograph, whether it’s the vibrancy of the color of the subject, or more subtly the color of the light that is striking the subject.
  66. What part of a camera controls the length of time the sensor/film is exposed to light?
  67. The key to successful sports or action photography is as simple as taking the picture at precisely the right moment when the action was at its peak.
  68. All digital camera sensors are made up of hundreds of rows and columns of individual photo sites called “picture elements” or what?
  69. One of the reasons that Photoshop is so versatile as a photo editing program is the ability to edit your photos using layers, where each adjustment is done separately and independently on its own layer.
  70. Which of the following “healing” tools in Photoshop does not require the user to set a sample point in order to use, but relies on the programs sensing the pixels around a repair and trying to blend in the new repair automatically?
  71. The camera feature that allows the photographer to see or compose their image on the back LCD screen of the camera instead of in the viewfinder is called what?
  72. What focal length of lens does the textbook mention is ideal for taking pictures of babies or small children with?
  73. When photographing a color image as black and white, it is important that the quality of the light illuminating the scene be dramatic and full of contrast.
  74. The camera only has one eye and therefore cannot show depth within a scene. What tool or tools are at the disposal of a photographer to give the viewer the illusion of depth within a photograph?
  75. What is the best lighting situation for an outdoor group portrait?
  76. An aperture setting of f8 only allows one-half the amount of light to enter the camera as an aperture setting of f11.
  77. What is the name of the photographic technique where the photographer (using a somewhat show shutter speed) moves the camera to track a subject in motion thereby keeping the subject relatively sharp and making the background blurred?
  78. What view should your photo be in in order to discern the proper amount of sharpening to apply to it using the “unsharp mask” option within Photoshop?
  79. Always shoot and record a scene in full color with the camera regardless of whether you want the final image to be in color or black and white.
  80. What focal length of lens does the textbook mention is ideal for taking pictures of the interiors of buildings with?
  81. One major problem with digital photography is being organized with regards to storing your photo files for the long term and being able to find an older image easily later.
  82. The old-fashioned family slideshows of the past are now being replaced with digital versions, in effect, still images shown as videos complete with sound.
  83. What color is the typical reflector that is used to bounce light back into shadow areas in a portrait-type setting?
  84. Random brightly colored pixels that show up mainly in the shadow areas of digital photos is usually referred to as “grain.”
  85. Which of the following filters is responsible for taking reflections out of highly-reflective surfaces like glass or water?
  86. A good way to improve at your photography is to seek out local photography clubs and groups to belong to in order to get feedback from others about your work.
  87. When using portable flash outside in bright sunlight to add light to dark areas of the scene; photographers refer to this as what type of light?
  88. Which photographic accessory did the textbook say was essential for landscape photography?
  89. Direct lighting is much more prevalently used in today’s contemporary portraiture than that of diffused lighting.
  90. Which rule of composition states that a subject that goes from corner to corner within a photo adds dynamic movement and excitement to the image?
  91. It is imperative as a photographer, that you have at least one backup of every image you want to keep over the long term because digital files are so easily lost, damaged, or accidently overwritten and therefore gone forever.
  92. Which of the following tools can assist the photographer in getting a more accurate white balance for their picture if they remember to use it?
  93. One major decision the photographer must make is at which precise moment they want to take the picture, hence recording “the decisive moment.”
  94. It doesn’t matter what actual color a ceiling or wall is that you are bouncing light off of for a flash photo; just so it’s a light color and not a dark one.
  95. According to the text, what is the best format to save your photo in after editing it in Photoshop?
  96. On a modern digital camera, the ISO setting can be changed as often as between each picture that’s taken.
  97. When criticizing your own photographs, don’t worry about the technical aspects of the photo; pay more attention to things like composition and the communication of ideas.
  98. Which type of camera works best only when lighting conditions are optimal, the subjects are relatively close to the photographer and when large prints are not desired?
  99. Most photographic quality inkjet printers are capable of printing at a high resolution of near what?
  100. Which in-camera file format records all the visual information a camera saw and records it directly to the memory card without any in-camera processing or lossy compression?
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