PSYC 101 Quiz 3

Liberty PSYC 101 Quiz 3 Answers

  1. Rico is shown the following stimulus: X. When asked what he sees, Rico reports that he sees two intersecting lines rather than saying he sees four separate lines. Rico’s response demonstrates which Gestalt principle?
  2. Neurons that respond to specific characteristics of the visual stimulus are called
  3. Even though two lines are of equal length, the one with outward pointing wings looks longer than the one with inward pointing wings. This is an example of the
  4. Limiting attention to certain stimuli and filtering out other stimuli is called
  5. The study of events that cannot be explained by known psychological, physical, or biological mechanisms is referred to as
  6. In vision, the photoreceptors are called
  7. Regarding figure­ground perception, which of the following statements is TRUE?
  8. Receptors for which of the following are located deepest in the skin?
  9. Regarding acupuncture, which of the following statements is FALSE?
  10. Compared to people with average taste sensitivity, people who are “supertasters” have
  11. Which of the following best describes the organ of Corti?
  12. Receptors for kinesthesis are located in
  13. Regarding light and vision, which of the following statements is FALSE?
  14. Halpern tells his graduate student, Dwight, that he’ll need to deliver the lecture in Halpern’s psychology class today. When Halpern tells him that the lecture is on olfaction, Dwight knows he’ll be talking about which sense?
  15. Repeated exposure to the same stimulus ______ leads to _____ sensitivity in our sensory systems.
  16. People who only see in black and white are called
  17. Trichromatic theory suggests that
  18. The perception of stimuli that are presented below the threshold of conscious awareness is called
  19. Hearing loss can occur after prolonged exposure to noise as low as _____ decibels, while hearing loss can result from brief exposure to sounds as low as ______ decibels.
  20. Marsha has learned that her tolerance for pain is increased dramatically when she focuses her awareness onto a particular word that she repeats over and over whenever she has to undergo a painful medical procedure. Marsha is using _____ to help control her experience of pain.
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