PSYC 101 Quiz 8

Liberty PSYC 101 Quiz 8 Answers

  1. Sandra has a strong need to have social relationships. Psychologists use the term ______ to describe Sandra’s needs.
  2. Of the following emotions Ken experiences, which is most likely to be processed in his right prefrontal cortex?
  3. The instinct theory of human motivation was replaced by the
  4. LaDonna experiences a state of biological tension because she is hungry. Her hunger motivates her to stop at the local deli after class. Which theory best explains LaDonna’s choice to go to the deli?
  5. Which of the following is NOT an argument against instinct theory for human behavior?
  6. The two‐factor theory of emotion suggests that emotions
  7. What are the basic emotions that people throughout the world seem to be able to identify through facial expressions?
  8. Joshua’s cerebral cortex is involved in all but which of the following emotional experiences?
  9. In drive theory, inborn is to ______ as experience is to ______.
  10. After not having eaten for a while, blood sugar _______ and fat cells ________.
  11. In the dual‐pathway model of fear, where is stimulus information first processed?
  12. Which of the following is the best definition of drive?
  13. The technical name for a lie detector test is a(n)
  14. What does a polygraph test measure?
  15. Bulimia nervosa
  16. Of the following factors, which is most likely to be linked to personal happiness?
  17. All but which of the following are common medical complications arising from bulimia?
  18. Motives address the fundamental question of the _____ of behavior.
  19. Complex feeling states having physiological, cognitive, and behavioral components are called
  20. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has how many levels?
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