ETHC 280 Quiz Socialism and Speech

ETHC 280 Quiz: Socialism and Speech

  1. According to E. H. Carr the nationalization of thought proceeds the nationalization of industry.
  2. According to Hayek, intelligent people can fully escape the influence of propaganda even if all sources of current information are effectively under one single control.
  3. According to Hayek, the striving for equality by means of a directed (planned, state controlled, socialized) economy helps maintain the most humanitarian elements of our morals, respect for human life, for the weak, and for the individual in general.
  4. According to Hayek, single source, or totalitarian propaganda destroys all morals because its undermines one of the foundations of all morals, the respect for truth.
  5. According to Hayek, individualism is an attitude of humility before the social process and of tolerance to other opinions, and is the exact opposite of the intellectual hubris at the root of the demand for comprehensive direction of the social process.
  6. According to Hayek, contempt for intellectual liberty can be found in totalitarian systems, and liberal systems.
  7. According to Von Mises, freedom of the press is restricted by socialism. On the steps to socialism powerful pressure groups or the government make it dicult to publish books that displease them.
  8. According to Von Mises, there is a clear difference between recommending others shun a book or media source, and threatening other people with reprisals if they do not stop patronizing various media sources.
  9. According to Von Mises, a free press can exist in a socialist country
  10. According to Hayek, for the socialist every activity must derive its justification from a conscious social purpose. In short, art for arts sake is not acceptable.
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