EDUC 521 Quiz 1

EDUC 521 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. The increasing interest in the family as a focus for intervention is based on which of the following assumptions?
  2. The following factors influence how well a family adapts to the presence of a child with disabilities:
  3. Using tiers to deliver different intensity of instruction and intervention is an example of
  4. Which of these emotions do parents usually experience first when their child is diagnosed with a serious disability?
  5. When a child is diagnosed with a serious disability, their parents usually experience the emotion of _________ last.
  6. In most cases, the influence of an individual’s genetic makeup
  7. Most professionals now view disabilities as
  8. The shift away from the medical model of defining exceptionality is the result of
  9. A family-centered model has a _____________ orientation towards the disability.
  10. The movement toward an early intervention model makes which of the following more important?
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