GLST 500 Quiz 3

GLST 500 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. According to Moreau, Americans tend to build friendships
  2. For Hiebert, the excluded middle refers to
  3. Members of polychronic cultures tend to hold rigidly to schedules
  4. According to Kwast, a worldview answers the most basic question
  5. Members of individualist cultures tend to value
  6. According to Hesselgrave, the three culture model of missionary communication includes
  7. For Richardson, redemptive analogies
  8. In low context cultures, meaning is derived
  9. According to Moreau, communication skills have little effect on missions efforts
  10. According to Adeney, churches should not feel obligated to open their doors to people of other ethnic backgrounds
  11. Regarding standard of living, Parshall suggests that missionaries
  12. According to Kwast, a person’s worldview is reflected in their
  13. According to the Willowbank Report, culture lost all of its value after the fall
  14. According to Hesselgrave, understanding the “Bible culture” involves
  15. According to Kraft, the structured customs and underlying worldview assumptions which govern people’s lives refers to
  16. According to the Willowbank Report, power encounter refers to
  17. According to the International Orality Network, oral learners or peoples
  18. According to Kwast, not everyone possesses a culture
  19. Members of collectivist cultures tend to value
  20. For Hiebert, the disorientation of discovering that all of the cultural patterns we have learned are now meaningless refers to
  21. According to Steffen, communicating the Gospel through stories is key because
  22. For the Brewsters, bonding with a host culture is facilitated by
  23. For Reyburn, indentifying with a host culture is facilitated by
  24. According to the Willowbank Report, group conversions to Christ should not be regarded as authentic expressions of faith
  25. According to the International Orality Network
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