GLST 500 Quiz 2

GLST 500 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. Cyril and Methodius translated Scripture into
  2. Augustine of Canterbury led a band of missionary monks to
  3. According to Cornelius, David George, Hector Peters and Lott Carey were
  4. At the 1974, Lausanne Congress, Ralph Winter raised the issue of
  5. Nestorian missionaries arrived in China by AD 635
  6. Hudson Taylor founded
  7. A key Moravian missions strategy was
  8. Donald McGavran was a proponent of the “mission station approach.”
  9. William Cameron Townsend founded
  10. According to Walls, some of the 19th century missionary societies could be considered
  11. The early Christian writing The Didache speaks of traveling apostles and prophets
  12. According to Kraft and Crossman, two-thirds of the global missions labor force are female
  13. Samuel Zwemer dedicated his life to the evangelization of
  14. According to Winter, the First Era (1800-1910) of missions focused on
  15. Ireland, England, Scotland and continental Europe were evangelized in the 5th-7th centuries largely by
  16. The Edict of Toleration of 312
  17. According to Mandryk, Christianity declined in Africa in the 20th century
  18. “The evangelization of the world in this generation” was the motto of
  19. According to Sunquist, Protestant missions in Asia began with
  20. Francis Xavier
  21. Not a single missions society was founded until the 20th century
  22. According to Moreau, the first missionaries were
  23. Pantaenus was reportedly an early missionary to
  24. According to Ekström, Brazil has yet to send its first cross-cultural missionary
  25. Bartolomé de Las Casas was known for
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