EDUC 521 Quiz 4

EDUC 521 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. How is language development for children with IDD different from same age peers?
  2. An approach to intervention based on behavior science principles and meant to replace punitive measures for behavior control is
  3. Although _________ original work was with children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, it is now widely applied to the teaching of young typically developing children.
  4. Positive Behavior Supports
  5. The definition of IDD requires that there be limitations in
  6. The shift in diagnosis of intellectual and developmental disability has been from strictly a measurement of cognitive abilities to
  7. David Wechsler developed _____________ that are widely used to assess IDD.
  8. In most school situations, students with mild intellectual and developmental disabilities are initially identified by the
  9. Heavy drinking by mothers during pregnancy has been found to
  10. The teacher models the expected behavior, guides the student through the lesson, and fades assistance as the child learns the task. This is called


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