EDUC 521 Quiz 5

EDUC 521 Quiz 5 Liberty University

  1. The Pivotal Response Model at the University of California at Santa Barbara
  2. Children with Asperger’s syndrome
  3. An intensive, long-term intervention that systematically addresses the core symptoms of ASD is
  4. The first person to describe a group of children in 1943 who did not relate to others, had difficulties in speech development, engaged in repetitive behaviors, and were upset by changes was
  5. The UCLA Young Autism Project proposes that ________ hours a week be spent on working directly with the child to ensure that he or she can be ready for first grade with typical children.
  6. The lack of social development associated with individuals with autism makes it important to attain
  7. The problem behaviors that children with autism exhibit in the classroom
  8. Sergio exhibits the social problems typical of autism but he is highly intelligent and has age-appropriate language skills. What is the name of this type of autism?
  9. Autism can result in serious developmental delay in many areas, especially in the area of
  10. Parents of children with autism can reduce family stress by
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