EDUC 521 Quiz 3

EDUC 521 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. Child Find
  2. Which section of IDEA 2004 includes children from birth to age 2 with developmental delays and/or disabilities?
  3. In general, speech and communication problems can be
  4. In the Kauai Longitudinal Study, Werner and Smith found that early child-rearing environments and strategies
  5. Children who qualify for services under IDEA must have an IFSP developed by
  6. During their early years, children with disabilities
  7. Compared with their nondisabled peers, toddlers with disabilities are often
  8. Prenatal care is care that
  9. A key difference between early childhood special education practices and developmentally appropriate practices (DAPs) is
  10. The term multidisciplinary means that
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