ETHC 280 Quiz Aims of Socialism

ETHC 280 Quiz: Aims of Socialism

  1. According to Haskins, Marxism could be fully implemented in the future.
  2. According to Haskins, a competitive spirit is instilled into humans by capitalist propaganda.
  3. According to Haskins, historically the most common means of those attempting to build a socialist society is to use financial incentives to compel people.
  4. According to Haskins, in a truly socialist society, there are zero class differences.
  5. According to Haskins, the same moral issues facing Marx’s pure communist-socialism plague all modern countries with socialist programs.
  6. According to Haskins, in a socialized medical system, such as in the UK, everyone participates in physician – assisted suicide.
  7. According to Haskins, most socialized medical systems do uphold doctor’s individual rights to abstain from certain activities.
  8. According to Haskins, rationing of medical services occurs in the United Kingdom’s current socialized medical system.
  9. According to Shapiro, the philosophy of individual rights springing from Biblical beliefs that humans are created in God’s image, and that individual virtue matters, were key to the Enlightenment.
  10. According to Shapiro, Darwinianism affirmed there was no purpose to the universe merely accident.
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