SOCI 201 Test 1

SOCI 201 Test 1 Liberty University Answers

  1. Tai Min is a 14 year old girl who was encouraged by government to officials rent out her body for sexual purposes to help her country’s economy. Tai Min is being asked to engage in:
  2. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that it is legal to possess computer‐generated images of children in sex acts in the case of:
  3. Tyrone believes that pornography should be banned. In his view, pornography leads to sexual offenses by stimulating sexual appetites for deviance and violence. Tyrone’s views are in line with which theory of pornography?
  4. The underground channeling of illegitimate services to clients is called a
  5. Liz believes that prostitution is just one of the many ways that men exploit and degrade women. Liz’s views are in line with:
  6. Tereen is a prostitute. She considers herself a people person. She likes to meet new people and she states that when she is prostituting herself, she is just making new friends. By convincing herself that her prostituting behavior is typical, Tereen is involved in:
  7. The theory of pornography suggests that some types of pornography protect women and children from rape and other sexual violence by providing the private release of sexual fantasies.
  8. In American society, the idea of “deviant” sexual behavior includes:
  9. Richard’s research examines sexual behavior that does not follow the norm. The behavior that Richard is studying is called:
  10. Jerome is visiting Brazil for 3 weeks. Before he leaves the U.S., his father instructs him to avoid renting out a woman’s body for sexual purposes while he is out of the country. Jerome’s father instructed him to avoid:
  11. The fact that many people worry about sexually transmitted diseases is an example of:
  12. While at her sister’s bachelorette party, Heather drank 6 shots of tequila in a row. This is an example of:
  13. Irene continued to drink alcohol while she was pregnant. Her newborn baby is addicted to alcohol. The baby is experiencing:
  14. Drake is having a get‐together at his house tonight. He has invited all of his friends to come over and has asked them to bring any prescription pills that they can find in their parents medicine cabinet. Drake is hosting a:
  15. S. citizens are demanding that the government do something about the increasing number of methamphetamine labs set‐up in rural, urban and suburban areas. This reflects:
  16. To cope with the grief of losing her husband, Mary’s physician offered her a prescription for Valium. This illustrates:
  17. Mark’s mother is telling the doctor that she has observed a few things about Mark since their last physician visit, which was over a year ago. She reports that Mark typically does not finish his homework, is unable to complete class assignments in the time allowed, and seems generally disorganized and forgetful. Mark is exhibiting symptoms of:
  18. After the prom, the senior class went to Fred’s house and everybody dumped the prescription medications that they had brought into a bowl to share with others. The bowl of pills is called:
  19. When Phyllis wakes us in the morning, she feels that she needs a boost to get her moving. She drinks a jumbo cup of coffee to get a caffeine ‘fix’. Here, Phyllis is using the coffee as:
  20. Of all drug abuse problems, the most expensive is:
  21. Eddie is a heavy marijuana smoker. After smoking marijuana, he often becomes sluggish, loses his concentration, and drifts away from long‐range goals. Eddie is experiencing:
  22. Meredith believes that the penalty for crack cocaine is more punitive penalty for powder cocaine because crack cocaine is more commonly used among the poor and the laws. Meredith’s ideas are in line with:
  23. Alcohol helps people to feel more sociable. This reflects alcohol’s:
  24. Michael is vacationing with his family at the Grand Canyon. It has been three days since his last heroin hit. As such, Michael is experiencing aches and pains, nervousness, anxiety, and depression. This is a case of:
  25. Kobe believes that in an analysis of the “harm” of illegal drugs in America, researchers should consider the definition of harms from the viewpoint of the users, the dealers, and the government. Kobe’s ideas are in line with:
  26. Vanessa wants to know about the safe‐sex practices of the 4,000 students enrolled at her small, liberal arts college. She obtains a complete list of the names and contact information of the 4,000 students from the campus Registration Office and selects 500 people from the list to participate in her study. Because every student at the college has an equal chance of being selected for this study, Vanessa has a(n):
  27. Janki used the hospital records of babies born with heroin addictions to gather information for her research project. Janki used:
  28. With global capitalism, many American companies export jobs to countries in which workers earn only one dollar per day. After much protest from U.S. workers who fear losing their jobs, the U.S. government proposed raising taxes for companies that export jobs and lowering taxes for companies that create jobs in the U.S. This reflects which stage of the natural development of social problems?
  29. Ami wants to gain in‐depth information about how women experience homelessness. Ami should use:
  30. Professor Fuentes encourages her students to consider how laws, education, religion, and the media influence how people think, feel, and act. As such, Professor Fuentes, wants her students to use:
  31. Using involves looking at people’s behavior and attitudes in the context of the social forces that shape them.
  32. Yoshimi wants to know how watching a video on racial relations impacts attitudes toward Asian Americans. She takes a group of students who have expressed prejudice towards Asian Americans and divides them into two groups. She shows Group A the video on racial relations, while Group B does not view the video. Afterwards, she measures each group’s level of prejudice towards Asian Americans. The group that viewed the video on racial relations is called the:
  33. Rosita works as a counselor at a Crisis Pregnancy Center. It is Rosita’s job to:
  34. The team of sociologists at Florida State University are gathering information on the number of homeless people in the southern region of the U.S. These researchers are:
  35. Connie believes that a fetus is a human being. Connie is:
  36. Mayda wants to learn more about battered women who live in shelters with their children. After Mayda obtained permission to conduct her research at the local shelter, she began to make observations. This is an example of a(n):
  37. When Michael considers how his race, age, marital status, and income compares to that of other Americans, he is considering his:
  38. In Casey v. Planned Parenthood, the Supreme Court ruled that:
  39. The purpose of the public school system to provide youth with the knowledge that they need to pursue a successful career path. This is an example of the of the public school system.
  40. In the Newman family, the men have all the power. The women dutifully submit to their fathers, brothers, husbands and sons. This is an example of:
  41. Reggie is in prison serving 20 years for a crime that he did not commit. Reggie understands his circumstances to be God’s will. This illustrates the:
  42. Some teenagers associate name brand handbags, clothing, and sunglasses with being hip, cool and admired. Which theorists would be most interested in the symbols attached to such merchandise?
  43. The Human Resources Officer denied Mrs. Merkel employment because she believes that at 62 years of age, Mrs. Merkel is too old to start a new career. This is an example of:
  44. Feminist theory is related to:
  45. The economic system in America is set up so that a small group of people control the means of production. This system is an example of:
  46. Tonya believes that children become delinquent when parents fail to do their part. Tonya’s view of juvenile delinquency as a social problem is in line with:
  47. Mildred is a 74 year old woman in good health. When asked who she expects to take care of her when she can no longer care for herself, Mildred (like most elderly Americans) expect that she will be taken care of by her:
  48. In analyzing the rising divorce rate among the elderly, Professor Michael Barber suggested that power and privilege lie at the root of this social problem. Professor Barber is a(n):
  49. Lola saw her teacher scold another student, Wanda. Lola imagines how Wanda must be feeling and concludes that Wanda probably feels embarrassed. As Lola empathizes with Wanda, she is:
  50. Jessica points out that our society rewards those who perform in the workplace, not in the home. She goes on to say that women’s traditional work in the home is not respected because it often produces intangibles. Ophelia holds the viewpoints of:
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