SOCI 201 Quiz 4

  1. Canada has pockets of poverty. As such, Canada is characterized by __________.
  2. The idea that people who remain poor year after year have developed a way of life that traps them in poverty is called
  3. Structural inequality leads to inequality in __________.
  4. Income adjusted for inflation is called __________.
  5. Cora is a baker. She has been baking cakes at the local supermarket for the past 13 years. Cora believes that one day she will save enough money from her current job to open her own chain of bakeries and eventually become a millionaire. This illustrates
  6. Economists suggest that the amount that the United States owes to other nations increases by over $3 billion each day. This reflects growth in
  7. The likelihood that those living in single-mother households live beneath the poverty line is called
  8. Yoshimi is conducting research on how economic differences among groups in America are measured. Yoshimi’s research focuses on
  9. Barbara and her children live in poverty. They represent __________.
  10. The poverty rate of Americans over age 65 is __________.
  11. When did the U.S. federal government begin funding religious charity organizations?
  12. The members of the Live Oak Country Club in Washington, D.C., include top military leaders, top political leaders, and owners of corporations. As such, the club is attended by the
  13. David is blind to the poverty that exists in neighborhoods in the community in which he lives. This is an example of
  14. The unequal distribution of a society’s resources based on race-ethnicity is called
  15. With the Trail of Tears, Native Americans were forced to move from their homeland to Indian territory in the western part of the United States. This is an example of
  16. Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Tyra Banks have inherited physical characteristics that identify them as a group of people. This illustrates
  17. involve(s) deliberately but peacefully defying laws that are considered unjust.
  18. Heather sees African Americans as lazy because that is what she has perceived them to be. This is
  19. Maurice’s research examines how children learn prejudice and discrimination from their parents. Maurice’s research is in line with
  20. When Africans were first brought to America as slaves, they were required to give up their religion, their language, their names, and their drums. This is an example of
  21. __________ examine how we are socialized into prejudice and discrimination.
  22. When a minority group seeks to separate itself and form a separate nation with political and cultural independence, this is called
  23. India is a multi-ethnic society in which 22 languages are recognized by the constitution. As such, minority group members live peacefully with the dominant group while maintaining their distinctive culture. This illustrates
  24. banned race and gender preferences in hiring and college admissions in California.
  25. Management at the Acme Company tries to create racial divides among its workers. This creates a
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