SOCI 201 Test 3

SOCI 201 Test 3 Liberty University Answers

  1. The process of gender accomplishment begins
  2. When members of the football team found out that the quarterback was a homosexual, they assaulted him. This is an example of:
  3. Nona wrote an article suggesting that Hollywood producers cultivate negative images of females to justify the greater privileges of men. Nona’s views are in line with:
  4. Susan B. Anthony traveled around the U.S. giving 75‐100 speeches per year on women’s rights. As an advocate for a women’s right to vote, Ms. Anthony was:
  5. Which of the following is true?
  6. In the U.S., firefighting, building construction, and engineering are typically associated with men, while nursing, teaching, and hair styling are typically associated with women. This illustrates work that is:
  7. Lois and Eileen are lesbians who live together as lovers. This reflects a:
  8. Adam touched the breast of Trudy, his secretary. This unsolicited sexual act by Margaret’s supervisor is a form of:
  9. Which country exhibits the most political equality between the sexes?
  10. Women’s earnings are typically:
  11. Since the company’s beginning, no woman has ever moved beyond the position of director. All of the vice‐presidents, chief executive officers, and chief operating officers are men. This illustrates the:
  12. The Defense of Marriage Act:
  13. Marlene expects her son to be hyper and aggressive, but her daughter to be passive and soft‐ This reflects:
  14. Which of the following is believed to encourage sexual harassment?
  15. Carl believes that men are innately superior to women. This is an example of:
  16. Ty and Miranda recently discussed the nature versus nurture debate on gender differences in men and women. Herbert supported the nature side of the debate. This means that Herbert supports:
  17. In India, the men rule over the women. As such, India is:
  18. In the mythical society of the Amazon, the women ruled the men. As such, this society is
  19. Alton is a heterosexual man in prison. While he would prefer to have sex with a woman, he engages in sexual acts with other male prisoners because no women are available. This illustrates:
  20. In health class, Mr. Riggins will teach the 5th grade students about the different biological equipment of males and females. Mr. Riggins will be discussing:
  21. James was given an anti‐clotting medication to prevent the reoccurrence of a heart attack. This is an example of:
  22. Which racial‐ethnic group has the longest life expectancy in the U.S?
  23. When Mrs. Harrison learned that her son Trey was homosexual, she sought the help of a psychiatrist to help change her son into a heterosexual. Mrs. Harrison requested:
  24. When Renee needs to talk to her therapist, she meets him in a chat room on‐ This is an example of:
  25. Shayla does not have health insurance. When she is ill, she goes to the free health clinic and waits for hours to see a physician. Maria, on the other hand, has health insurance. When she gets sick, she calls her primary care physician and goes in for a visit. This illustrates:
  26. Lisa Winn is a therapist who listens to and tries to guide her patient toward a resolution of emotional problems. Lisa Winn offers
  27. Ndao tells the nurse in the emergency room that “There is a broken arm in room 4” instead of saying “Mrs. Chancellor is in room 4.” By referring to the patient as a thing and not a person, this illustrates:
  28. While interviewing her new client, the social worker learned that Manuel had been raised by a mentally ill father who did not have appropriate coping skills. The social worker concludes that Manuel never learned the proper mechanisms of adapting to undesirable social situations. The social worker’s conclusion is in line with:
  29. Which racial‐ethnic group has the shortest life expectancy in the U.S?
  30. Stella Martin is a counselor. His patients tell him about their current situations and he helps them understand their problems. Stella Martin is involved in:
  31. Clyde’s research focuses on how men and women interpret symptoms of illness differently. Clyde’s research is in line with:
  32. Those born today in the U.S. can expect to live:
  33. The major cause of health and illness is:
  34. Wendy works as a cashier at a fast‐food restaurant for minimum wage. As such, Wendy is a part of the:
  35. Hunt is a medical doctor. She collects payment for each service that she performs. This reflects:
  36. Taylor is an obstetrician. Before prescribing a medication, he checks with a few other physicians and medical professionals. These people make up Dr. Diekow’s:
  37. In two paycheck families in the U.S.
  38. Marcus is the 14 year old son of Davinia. Davinia has a new boyfriend now that does not like having Marcus around. To keep the relationship with her boyfriend intact, Davinia asks her son to leave the house. Marcus is:
  39. In the 1960’s, there was a drastic relaxation in the general standards of sexual behavior. This reflects a:
  40. Bailey and her husband Lonnie believe that they will have a baby sometimes in the future, when they are more financially stable. Which stage in the development of a permanent child‐free life does this reflect?
  41. Carl was raised in a home with his mother, his father and his sister. These people make up Carl’s:
  42. Morgan lives in the home with her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and parents. This reflects a(n):
  43. Lucas tells his grandchildren that when he was their age, his idea of fun involved sleigh rides, hay rides, and card games with his family. Mr. Lucas’ ideas of fun illustrate which of the following functions of family?
  44. Zsembik is sexually attracted to children. He takes every opportunity that he can get to fondle his young patients. Dr. Zsembik is:
  45. Functionalists suggest that changes in the traditional functions of family have:
  46. refers to those social and cultural factors relating to recent times or the present.
  47. Victor and Hope are not married. The live together in a sexual relationship. Victor and Hope are involved in:
  48. Excessive leniency and excessive control are forms of
  49. Juanita hates the idea of marriage. She believes that men use marriage to control, dominate, and exploit women. Juanita’s views are most in line with:
  50. Walter grew up in a household in which he saw his father physically abuse his mother. Now that Walter is a married adult, he physically abuses his wife. This illustrates the:
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