SOCI 201 Test 4

SOCI 201 Test 4 Liberty University Answers

  1. When Rebecca was initiated into the gang, she was required to have sex with several of the male gang members. The number of sexual partners that Rebecca had sex with was determined by a roll of the dice. As such, Rebecca was:
  2. Thomas Malthus argued that:
  3. Violent behavior by a driver of an automobile is called
  4. When Western medicine and public sanitation were exported to the Least Industrialized Nations, this caused a surge in their population which outstripped their food supply and resulted in malnutrition, mass starvation, and political unrest. This illustrates:
  5. An old Native American proverb suggests that to understand another person, one must walk in his/her moccasins. This proverb expresses Max Weber’s ideas of:
  6. Since moving to New York City from a small town in Mississippi, Ellie has lived in isolation and fear. This illustrates:
  7. The feeling of belonging that involves a sense that others care what happens to us and that we can depend on the people around us is called
  8. Hadassah’s research examines how the urban poor in India perceive their own life satisfaction in comparison with others. This research is in line with:
  9. Recently, a large number of middle‐class people have moved to the inner city of Detroit. As they have rehabilitated old houses, property values, taxes, and rents have risen and poorer residents are moving out. This illustrates:
  10. The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King triggered riots across the U.S. As such, Dr. King’s assassination was a(n):
  11. Starvation in Africa is typically due to:
  12. Freda’s research focuses on the relationship between the population and the environment. Freda’s research explores:
  13. Erica’s research focuses on the social process whereby cities grow. The focus is on:
  14. Melodie has lived in a rural area for her entire life. She says that she loves the country life because she has neighbors that they care about her and that she can depend on. This suggests that Melodie appreciates:
  15. is the phenomenon that occurs as cities expand and invade the countryside.
  16. refers to the bonds of intimacy and shared traditions that unite people in rural areas.
  17. The term refers to this cluster of interrelated urban problems.
  18. The idea that efforts to improve life often destroy that environment on which life depends is called
  19. At the County Commissioners meeting Tonight, Dr. Phillips will report on how the poor in the local community have been more impacted by the water and air pollution than the middle and upper class. Dr. Phillips will speak about:
  20. The sweetener aspartame interacts with various food colorings to interfere with the development of the nervous system. As such, aspartame and food colorings are:
  21. The plankton in the ocean ingested mercury that was in the water. A small fish ate the plankton. A larger fish ate the smaller fish that had eaten the plankton. Marcus ate the large fish that had eaten the smaller fish. This reflects:
  22. Today, the new employees of the factory will learn about how the government regulates the burning wood, coal, petroleum, and natural gas. They will be learning about the regulation of:
  23. The food additive Red Dye No. 2 is known to cause cancer. As such, it is a:
  24. Kia believes that significant sacrifices in lifestyle are necessary for the survival of earth. Kia’s beliefs are in line with a(n):
  25. The state of Florida offers tax cuts to new businesses that relocate to the area. This is an example of:
  26. Evan works at the local fast‐food joint. When he uses the restroom, he does not wash his hands and the food becomes contaminated with bacteria from Evan’s digestive system. The bacteria that contaminates the food is:
  27. The fact that pollution is more likely to hurt minorities and the poor is called
  28. Vashti believes that our civilization depends on substances whose supply is limited. Vashti is a(n):
  29. When she grows up, Marian wants to be a scientist who studies the relationship between living things and their environment. Marian wants to be a(n):
  30. The public’s alarm about environmental issues was sparked by:
  31. The world’s worst nuclear reactor disaster occurred in:
  32. The cutlery used at the Annual Environmentalist Picnic is made of plant starch that disintegrates after being exposed to normal bacteria. As such, the cutlery is:
  33. Since the 1970’s, the average size of a new home in the U.S. has:
  34. Each morning, the news anchor reports on the accumulation of substances harmful to living things in the air. Such reports are concerned with:
  35. Hamas is a terrorist organization that receives a great deal of funding from the Saudi Arabian government. This is an example of:
  36. The state that receives the most income from military contracts is:
  37. While serving in the Vietnam War, Al began to look at the Vietnamese as objects to be destroyed instead of as people. This illustrates:
  38. The Israelites declared war on the Canaanites because the Canaanites did not share the religious beliefs of the Israelites. This reflects the following function of war:
  39. Budd is the owner of a company that manufactures and distributes weapons around the world. As such, he is a member of the:
  40. Afghan President Hamid Karzai said 130 people died as a result of US air strikes. These deaths illustrate:
  41. The country that spends the most (per capita) on its military is:
  42. Artie is in the U.S. army. Immediately after combat with opponents in Afghanistan, Artie experienced fatigue, slower reaction times, indecision, disconnection from one’s surroundings, and an inability to prioritize. Artie experienced:
  43. The movie “Iron Man” featured a superhero who manufactured guidance systems, bombs, missiles, tanks, planes, guns, ships, and submarines for the U.S. military. As such, the super hero manufactured:
  44. Deformed babies were born in Vietnam after the U.S. government sprayed Vietnamese crops with:
  45. As a result of the Spanish‐American war, the U. S. acquired Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippine Islands as territories. This reflects the following function of war:
  46. Although some deep‐seated animosity remained between Southern and Northern Americans after the Civil War and Reconstruction, the two groups fought side‐by‐ side against the common enemy in World War I. This reflects the following function of war:
  47. Al Qaeda is a group that uses random acts of violence to instill fear in the general public to achieve their objective for power. This illustrates:
  48. Willard’s research focuses on how the perceptions of U.S. military leaders impact U.S. military interventions in foreign affairs. Willard’s research is most in line with:
  49. Private G.I. Joe is a soldier in the U.S. army. Before joining the military, he worked as a cashier at the local Wal‐ As such, Private Joe is a member of the:
  50. Throughout history, which country has spent the least amount of time in war?
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