NBST 610 Exam 3

NBST 610 Exam 3 Liberty University

  1. Match the following terms with their appropriate definitions.
  2. The students in the opening Bible Study were discussing which parable?
  3. Which of the following approaches views Revelation as an explanation of a timeless ongoing struggle between good and evil?
  4. According to Duvall and Hays, New Testament letters were not usually written to address specific situations or the practical needs of specific churches.
  5. Some of the Christians reading (or hearing) Revelation were compromising with the pagan world to avoid persecution.
  6. According to Duvall and Hays, the events in the book of Acts should not be seen as normative for the church today under any circumstances.
  7. According to Duvall and Hays, the unbeliever can grasp the meaning of God’s word on at least a cognitive level even without the Holy Spirit.
  8. Prior to the New Testament, the word euangelion typically referred to the preaching and teaching about the coming Messiah.
  9. The book of Acts should be read as separate from the Gospel of Luke and should not be considered historical.
  10. Our spiritual maturity affects our ability to hear the voice of the Spirit.
  11. What position did we take on interpreting Acts?
  12. Application of the principles of the Bible is important because Scripture repeatedly states that people ought to obey (i.e., apply) God’s word.
  13. What does it mean that New Testament epistles/letters are “occasional”?
  14. For Klein et al. valid theology is only gained by a systematic reading of a text through a particular theological viewpoint.
  15. In the New Testament, the word “gospel” comes from the Greek term euangelion and means “preaching” or “proclamation.”
  16. According to Klein et al., valid theologizing must follow the sound exegesis of the appropriate biblical texts.
  17. The book of Revelation is the only New Testament document that contains the genre of epistle, prophecy, and apocalypse.
  18. According to Klein et al., New Testament letters are nothing like other ancient letters and should not be compared to them.
  19. According to Klein et al., the book of Acts is a sequel to the Gospel of Luke and should be considered some form of theological history.
  20. Which of the following best defines a letter that shows signs of the genre of an “exhortation letter”?
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