NBST 610 Quiz 4

NBST 610 Quiz 4

Quiz Poetry, Wisdom, Narrative, Law, and Prophets

Covers the Learn material from Modules 7 – 8: Weeks 7 – 8.

  1. What is the historical context that most of the prophets write from?
  2. Often the material in the prophetic books is arranged non- chronologically.
  3. The style reflected in prophetic genre was compared to the songs of:
  4. The vast majority of the material in the prophetic books addresses:
  5. Much of the prophetic literature is comprised of poetry.
  6. The authors suggest that this traditional method of interpreting OT law (relating to division of the Law into three parts: moral, civil, ceremonial) is inadequate.
  7. The Old Testament character who looks like he is being praised when in reality he is being criticized is:
  8. The Psalms function primarily for teaching doctrine and moral behavior.
  9. Match the following subvarieties of heroic narrative to their proper definitions. The formative story, not just of a nation, but of the cosmos The formative story of the heroic exploits of a virtuous hero The formative story of the destiny of Israel and her ownership of Canaan
  10. Among the basic types of prophecy in the Old Testament, which is best characterized as a funeral lament over Israel?
  11. Poetry makes up about one third of the entire Bible and is the second most common literary feature.
  12. According to Klein et al., apocalyptic literature and prophetic literature have nothing in common.
  13. In which of the following embedded genres are moral truths taught by plants and animals who behave like people?
  14. According to Klein et al., the book of Job is not really wisdom literature.
  15. A simile is a figure of speech that compares two things using the words “like” or “as.” .
  16. Which of the following types of Old Testament legal material is best characterized as a type of law promulgated in unconditional, categorical directives?
  17. Christians are not obligated to keep all of the Old Testament Laws since Jesus fulfilled the law.
  18. Which of the following may be characterized as a “writing about an inanimate object or abstract ideas as if it here human”?
  19. According to Klein et al., of the following types of reports, which is best defined as reporting an experience in which God of the angel of the Lord appears to someone to convey a message?
  20. Which of the following best defjnes the word “report” as a narrative genre according to Klein et al.?
  21. Describe and dene at least two of the Old Testament embedded genres (e.g., popular proverb, riddles, fables, parables, songs, and lists). How does a good understanding of genre help in understanding OT narratives?
  22. List and dene two of these basic forms of prophecy according to Klein, Blomberg, and Hubbard: prophetic dirge, prophetic hymn, prophetic liturgy, prophetic disputation, prophetic lawsuit, or prophetic vision report. Offer two important factors for interpreting these items.
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