SOCI 201 Test 2

SOCI 201 Test 2 Liberty University Answers

Set 1

  1. Ted pressured and threatened Jenny to have sex with him against her will. This is an example of __________.
  2. People who are violent have learned more attitudes that favor violence. This is known as ___________.
  3. Murder rates in the United States are highest in the __________.
  4. The American dream of owning a home and two cars is an example of __________.
  5. Martha told her 6-year-old son Robby that he could not have any candy. Upset because he could not have what he wanted, Robby punched his mother on the leg. Robby’s violence is best explained by __________.
  6. When female students are concerned about walking to their classes at night, this is __________.
  7. Sam wants to shoplift, but when he thinks about the reaction of his family and friends he stops himself. He is experiencing __________.
  8. Which of the following is true regarding murder in the United States?
  9. What is your likelihood of getting murdered if you live in Washington, D.C., compared to New Hampshire?
  10. __________ argues that we can expect violence because groups are competing with one another for highly desired, but limited, resources.
  11. According to the __________, poor people have different values than the middle class, and this is why they act as they do.
  12. The __________ rapist has an unrealistic image of masculinity and uses rape to bridge the gap between the way he perceives how men ought to be and the way he perceives himself.
  13. Sociologists look for causes of violence __________.
  14. Trading stock on the basis of secret information is called __________.
  15. Marsha wants to purchase a car so she sells drugs to earn cash. Marsha is a(n) __________.
  16. Maria knows that her family is part of the Mafia but she has to uphold __________.
  17. Uniform sentencing is a form of __________.
  18. Grace is graduating from college and she has been offered two jobs: one in San Diego and another in San Francisco. Grace will consider the number of crimes occurring per 100,000 people in each city to determine which job she will take. Grace is using the __________.
  19. Which group dominates organized crime today?
  20. The percentage of former prisoners who are rearrested is called the __________.
  21. Because laws differ from one society to another, so does crime. This means that crime is __________.
  22. __________ requires offenders to compensate their victims for harm created. This is a form of retribution.
  23. Rashida is an accountant. She has been skimming money off of the payroll for the past seven years. This is an example of a(n) __________.
  24. Melissa gets a higher sentence every time she is convicted. This is known as __________.
  25. Amir is a jewel thief who prides himself on his skill and his success. As such, Amir is a(n) __________.
  26. Although he is not legally related to him, Tony is Nunzio’s godfather. This relationship, which unites two families, is an example of __________.
  27. The members of the Live Oak Country Club in Washington, D.C., include top military leaders, top political leaders, and owners of corporations. As such, the club is attended by the __________.
  28. Which of the following is a problem with the U.S. economy?
  29. Yoshimi is conducting research on how economic differences among groups in America are measured. Yoshimi’s research focuses on __________.
  30. Canada has pockets of poverty. As such, Canada is characterized by __________.
  31. In a debate about taxes, Mark argues that the rich already pay a disproportionate amount of the overall taxes and that we should not tax them at a higher rate just because they make more money. He is arguing against __________.
  32. Barbara and her children live in poverty. They represent __________.
  33. __________ dropped out of Harvard to co-found Microsoft Corp.
  34. When many citizens of a country live on less than $1,000 a year, __________exists.
  35. Ernie is a crew member at the local McDonald’s. Because Ernie works for capitalists, he is a __________.
  36. When wealthy nations exploit poorer nations, this is called __________.
  37. The total amount the U.S. government owes is called __________.
  38. Brad’s job description says that he is supposed to analyze and write daily reports on the social institution that produces and distributes goods and services. As such, Brad analyzes __________.
  39. Jerome and Deanna went to view an apartment that was listed for rent in the newspaper. When the apartment owner saw that the couple was black, he told them that the apartment was no longer vacant. The owner does not want to rent to blacks. This is an example of __________.
  40. At the Shady Pines Country Club, a person can only gain membership through inheritance. Because blacks, Asians, and Hispanics were banned from membership until the 1970s, the club remains all white today. This reflects __________.
  41. __________suggest that the benefits of discrimination must outweigh its costs.
  42. Because she is African American, Karima faces discrimination. This suggests that Karima is a part of a __________.
  43. With the first African American president in office, many blacks are anticipating better conditions. This illustrates __________.
  44. The Taliban is convinced of its own superiority and seeks to dominate Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is an example of __________.
  45. Juan belongs to a group that is characterized by low levels of education and high rates of violent crime, drug abuse, disease, births to single mothers, and death by murder. He is a member of __________.
  46. Wilfredo is an American who has been living in the Brazilian rainforest for five years to conduct research. He recently met Matthew, another American, who is also conducting research in the rainforest. Wilfredo and Matthew spent hours talking about the American foods, music, and clothing that they have missed while being away from their homeland. As the two Americans identified with a common cultural heritage, this reflects a(n) __________.
  47. Second-generation Chinese and Korean Americans are people of Chinese and Korean ancestry who __________.
  48. In Rwanda, the Hutus (the dominant group) slaughtered thousands of Tutsi’s (the minority group). This is an example of __________.
  49. The Irish immigrants in America desired to be absorbed into society and did not want to be treated as a separate group. This is an example of __________.
  50. __________ banned race and gender preferences in hiring and college admissions in California.

Set 2

  1. When Andrew left his small town home to go away to the university, he felt that the rules that used to apply no longer fit. Andrew felt less restrained and experienced a sense of normlessness and anxiety. Andrew was experiencing:
  2. Samar lives in Sweden. Her husband just asked her to move to the U.S. Samar is concerned about crime in the US and wants to know the number of violent crimes for each 100,000 Americans. Samar wants to know the:
  3. Monique and Renee are discussing what makes poor people and middle class people behave in different ways. Monique suggests poor people do not have the same opportunities to attend good schools or to obtain good jobs as do middle class people. Monique’s views are in line with:
  4. During the historic March on Selma in which African Americans protested for civil rights, police used fire hoses and dogs to attack the marchers. This is an example of:
  5. Reynolds is the 2nd grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary School. She believes that children should be taught self‐control at an early age so that they avoid criminal behavior as adults. Mrs. Reynolds’ views are in line with:
  6. Aaron grew up in a violent urban area. Todd grew up in a non‐violent suburban area. Subcultural theory suggests that:
  7. Muhammad believes that if you want to reduce crime in the inner city, than you must provide more jobs so that people can have the opportunity to become successful without breaking the law. Muhammad’s beliefs are in line with:
  8. Which of the following is true concerning fear?
  9. Many female students worry that they may be attacked if they walk around the campus in the late hours of the night. This fear of violence illustrates:
  10. To maintain a non‐violent atmosphere in her classroom, Mrs. Elliot gives one golden star to every student who plays nicely with the other students. Mrs. Elliot’s actions are in line with:
  11. Manuela does not like her son’s friends because they are ex‐ She tells her son that if he continues to hang around them, he will probably end up serving time in prison like them. Mrs. Hibaji’s views are in line with:
  12. On the first day of school, 6 boys attacked the new student. They punched him, kicked him and broke his glasses. This is an example of:
  13. Martha told her 6‐year old son Robby that he could not have any candy. Upset because he could not have what he wanted, Robby punched his mother in the leg. Robby’s violence is best explained by:
  14. The younger a juvenile is when first charged with a violent crime:
  15. Thirteen year old Saeed stole his neighbor’s automobile. This is an example of:
  16. Ralph is a construction worker. He is typically unemployed for 5 months out of each year. As such, Ralph is a part of the:
  17. Even though Tyrone is innocent of the murder charges launched against him, his defense attorney is encouraging him to plead guilty for lesser charge of manslaughter. The defense attorney is encouraging:
  18. Bay Bay’s father was a pimp and his mother was a prostitute. As such, Bay Bay grew up in an environment where prostitution, drug use, robbery, assault and rape were seen as a normal part of life. This reflects:
  19. Jamaal wants to be an all‐around hustler when he grows up. He plans to engage in robbery, burglary, drug dealing, as well as pimping. The chance for Jamaal to pursue this career path is readily available in the urban area in which he resides. This chance is a part of the:
  20. Rashida is an accountant. She has been skimming money off of the payroll for the past 7 years. This is an example of a(n):
  21. Constance has been taking classes at the college for the last 7 years. She is not pursuing any degree, just going through the motions of being a student. Constance is a(n):
  22. Ray is a detective, his brother is a lawyer, and his father is a warden at the state penitentiary. All of these men are a part of the:
  23. Shawn’s punishment for stealing and wrecking a car includes repaying the automobile owner for damages to the vehicle. This is an example of:
  24. It is not illegal to drink alcohol in the United States, but it is illegal for minors to drink alcohol in the U.S. So when 16 year old Mina was caught drinking, she was guilty of a(n):
  25. When the time comes for her to marry, Maria knows that her family wants her to marry someone from her village instead of an outsider. This suggests that her family prefers:
  26. Professional and organized crime involves:
  27. Canada has pockets of poverty. As such, Canada is characterized by:
  28. Today, Paris will meet with a financial advisor. They will begin by discussing the property, savings, investments, and economic assets that Paris owns. In so doing, they will discuss her:
  29. In Brazil, the well‐to‐do live in fashionable neighborhoods, go to private schools, ride in new cars, and shop at malls. However, the urban poor live in distant housing projects, take long bus trips to work, go to public schools or drop out, and shop at small local shops. This reflects:
  30. In Japan, the economy is based on the private ownership of property and the investment of capital for the purpose of making a profit. The economic system in Japan is:
  31. It would not be in Michelle’s best interest to find a job. She has more resources from welfare in the form of rent subsidies, health care, child care vouchers and food stamps than she would if she worked for minimum wage. This is an example of the:
  32. Compared to schools in wealthy areas, schools in poor areas are more likely to have:
  33. Economists suggest that the amount that the United States owes to other nations increases by over 3 billion dollars each day. This reflects growth in:
  34. Yoshimi is conducting research on how economic differences among groups in America are measured. Yoshimi’s research focuses on:
  35. In Cuba, everyone is guaranteed a job, and everyone works for the government. As such, Cuba is:
  36. Dinabi is unwilling to give to charity to help the poor because she believes that people who remain poor year after year have values, beliefs and practices that ensure that they will continue to be poor. Dinabi’s beliefs are in line with:
  37. Maneck qualifies for welfare benefits. As such, he is experiencing:
  38. The members of the Live Oak Country Club in Washington D.C include top military leaders, top political leaders, and owners of corporations. As such, the club is attended by the:
  39. Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Tyra Banks have inherited physical characteristics that identify them as a group of people. This illustrates:
  40. Becky is an honors student and president of her sorority. These statuses are:
  41. When Christian missionaries in Africa met Senegalese men who by law can have up to 4 wives, the missionaries tried to convince the men that their ways were “wrong” and that they should adopt the ways of the missionaries, which were “right”. This illustrates:
  42. In colonial India, a handful of British discriminated against several hundred million Indians. The British are the:
  43. Up until the late 1960’s, African‐Americans were not allowed to live in “Whites‐ only” neighborhoods, attend “Whites‐only” schools, eat in “Whites‐only” restaurants or drink out of “Whites‐only” water fountains. This is an example of:
  44. In Rwanda, the Hutus (the dominant group) slaughtered thousands of Tutsi’s (the minority group). This is an example of:
  45. With the Trail of Tears, Native Americans were forced to move from their homeland to Indian territory in the western part of the United States. This is an example of:
  46. Floyd does not like Italians. This is an example of:
  47. During the lunch hour at the high school cafeteria, Blacks typically sit in the west area, Latinos sit in north area, Asians sit in the south area and Whites sit in the east area. This voluntary segregation illustrates:
  48. Tianju is Chinese America. His family and friends expect that he will marry someone who is also Chinese‐ This reflects:
  49. When Africans were first brought to America as slaves, they were required to give up their religion, their language, their names and their drums. This is an example of:
  50. India is a multi‐ethnic society in which 22 languages are recognized by the constitution. As such, minority group members live peacefully with the dominant group while maintaining their distinctive culture. This illustrates:
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