SOCI 201 Quiz 3

  1. Which state has the highest rates of rape?
  2. When female students are concerned about walking to their classes at night, this is
  3. Tonya used a baseball bat to shatter the windshield of her husband’s Mercedes Benz sports car. This is an example of
  4. Sociologists look for causes of violence __________.
  5. To maintain a nonviolent atmosphere in her classroom, Mrs. Elliot gives one golden star to every student who plays nicely with the other students. Mrs. Elliot’s actions are in line with
  6. __________ is the killing of several people in three or more separate events.
  7. When a stranger approached Olivia in a nightclub and propositioned her for sex, she smacked his face. This is an example of
  8. Aaron grew up in a violent urban area. Todd grew up in a nonviolent suburban area. Subcultural theory suggests that
  9. Ted pressured and threatened Jenny to have sex with him against her will. This is an example of
  10. Martha told her 6-year-old son Robby that he could not have any candy. Upset because he could not have what he wanted, Robby punched his mother on the leg. Robby’s violence is best explained by
  11. Growing up with his parents, Brad saw his father hit his mother on numerous occasions. Now that Brad is married, he hits his wife in the same manner. This illustrates
  12. The soldiers who show bravery in battle receive medals to wear on their uniforms. The giving of these medals to reward a certain type of behavior is an example of
  13. People who are violent have learned more attitudes that favor violence. This is known as
  14. The Neo-Nazis seek to replace the current social order with a new one. The Neo-Nazis are
  15. Grace is graduating from college and she has been offered two jobs: one in San
  16. Diego and another in San Francisco. Grace will consider the number of crimes occurring per 100,000 people in each city to determine which job she will take. Grace is using the
  17. Although he is not legally related to him, Tony is Nunzio’s godfather. This relationship, which unites two families, is an example of
  18. Penny wants to buy a house. She works two jobs and saves her money and after three years, she purchases her first home. Penny is a(n)
  19. Uniform sentencing is a form of __________.
  20. The jury sentenced Gary Heidnick to be executed for the kidnapping, torture, and murder of 17 women. This is an example of
  21. Bay Bay’s father was a pimp and his mother was a prostitute. As such, Bay Bay grew up in an environment where prostitution, drug use, robbery, assault, and rape were seen as a normal part of life. This reflects
  22. Jamaal wants to be an all-around hustler when he grows up. He plans to engage in robbery, burglary, drug dealing, as well as pimping. The chance for Jamaal to pursue this career path is readily available in the urban area in which he resides. This chance is a part of the
  23. Thirteen-year-old Saeed stole his neighbor’s automobile. This is an example of
  24. The younger a juvenile is when first charged with a violent crime, __________.
  25. Shawn’s punishment for stealing and wrecking a car includes repaying the automobile owner for damages to the vehicle. This is an example of
  26. Trading stock on the basis of secret information is called __________.
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