EDCO 811 Quiz 1

EDCO 811 Quiz 1 Counseling Theories And Kolb’s Learning Style

Module 1: Week 1 – Module 2: Week 2

  1. According to Gurman et al., contraindications to use of the IBCT Model of therapy might include
  2. According to Gurman, most verbal and nonverbal forms of aversive and hurtful behavior are referred to as
  3. One of the questions a therapist should ask regarding the curative factors/mechanisms of change is
  4. Role expectations in a marriage
  5. According to Thomas, the beauty of Christianity is
  6. A national study revealed that _______ of men would choose being left alone and unloved vs. feeling inadequate and disrespected.
  7. In a couple’s based intervention for one partner’s OCD, the first phase of treatment is
  8. When men feel disrespected, they often
  9. One of the growing influences in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy is
  10. A contraindication for using Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy is
  11. Research shows that relational stress
  12. One of the two primary techniques used in IBCT is
  13. For Augustine, one of the benefits of marriage was
  14. In describing a healthy relationship, traditional cognitive-behavioral approaches have focused on
  15. Being equal before God means that men and women
  16. Correcting and mothering a husband are
  17. For the Gottmans, Up and Down Regulation refers to
  18. During conflict,
  19. Women feel silence as
  20. The Gottman Institute is known for
  21. EFT appears to be particularly appropriate for
  22. In CBCT, a common assessment tool is
  23. Conjoint therapy was not common until
  24. God’s design in marriage is more about
  25. According to Eggerichs, the Crazy Cycle involves:


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