EDCO 811 Quiz 2

EDCO 811 Quiz 2: Marriage Communication

Module 3: Week 3 – Module 4: Week 4

  1. In the IPCM Model, cultural beliefs become problematic when
  2. Thomas quotes Friedrich Nietzsche that marriage is
  3. Functional Analytic Couple Theory is based largely on
  4. The “O” in C.O.U.P.L.E signifies
  5. Murray Bowen is known for his concept of
  6. To wives, husbands often appear as
  7. When in-law tension peaks, it often
  8. The “5 to 1 Rule” refers to
  9. Couples don’t fall out of love as much as they
  10. Eggerichs uses the concept of __________ to describe how husbands can respond when they fail to love their wives properly.
  11. According to Thomas, respect
  12. Diffused boundaries within a family subsystem in an indicator of
  13. As a model, Object Relations Couple Therapy requires the therapist to work with the emotional/intuitive parts of the self, as well as
  14. Metaframeworks include all but the following
  15. Solution-focused therapy typically consists of
  16. It can be difficult for a man to say, “I’m sorry,” because it may represent a loss of
  17. The MRI or Palo Alto Model is referring to
  18. Instead of the Crazy Cycle, Eggerichs challenges couples to adopt the
  19. The following continuum is a helpful measure of marital closeness.
  20. In a Bowenian approach, the therapist is seen as
  21. Two of the five theoretical foundations for the Integrative Problem-Centered Metaframeworks Approach are
  22. An example Thomas uses to illustrate longsuffering in a marriage is
  23. In Object Relations Couple Therapy, the tendency to create a “dominant perspective” is referred to as
  24. Conflict styles include
  25. Narrative Therapy primarily tries to
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